Best-selling Atlassian Plugins, Addons, and Marketplace Apps

(Last Updated On: February 24, 2021)

Collaboration and teamwork are two of the most important elements in a company. It can be your company’s recipe for success. Atlassian is a company that aids you in maximizing teamwork, collaboration, communication, organization, project management, and more for your company or organization.

They offer and continuously innovate tools, practices, openwork, and amazing products such as plugins and addons. What Atlassian offers people are products that help you manage projects better through being able to make collaborations and role assignments easier, together with analytical reports that guide you in intensive decision-making.

Atlassian Tools, Plugins, Addons, and Marketplace Apps

Atlassian tools, plugins, addons, and marketplace apps are varieties of different products that aim to help you in different tasks you need to accomplish for a project or on a daily basis for your company. Let’s get to know some of the best-selling apps they have!


Confluence is Atlassian’s product of a collaboration wiki where teams can efficiently collaborate and share knowledge. It becomes a repository and document collaboration that completely tracks changes in each document as an ‘audit’ trail.

Not only documents, but team members can create, share, and collaboratively work on different kinds of content. Confluence can also be integrated with the JIRA platform to create a powerful knowledge database.

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As you work on different projects, Confluence can offer dynamic integration features that aid in project documentation, capturing requirements, team knowledge, and more.


The Jira platform, which encompasses different products, is Atlassian’s workflow engine that aids you in tracking tasks and issues by using a customizable and predefined workflow. With the JIRA platform, your tasks are organized by project.

With this, your organization can track problems or issues on a project level. Complete transparency is given by granular user permissions. Jira has different products as components for powerful and comprehensive power management.

Jira Service Desk

Jira service functions as a receiver for tickets which contains issue reports or requests from customers or other teams. It is designed to aid the help desk team of your organization. Its other feature include queues, accepting issues from emails or other portals, service level agreements, and more

Jira Core

Jira Core is perfect for HR teams, legal teams, business teams, financial teams, marketing teams, operation teams, and more. It develops the JIRA platform which is the workflow engine and organizes easy-to-use projects that cater to the requirements for the work at hand.

Jira Software

This Atlassian product helps you visualize team activity, layout team commitments, and creates reports on your team’s progress on a project. In order to maximize JIRA, different companies provide addons for more features and more customized services

JIRA Automation Scripts

Jira automation scripts or Power Scripts work on removing repetitive tasks and helps you schedule and set up automation rules that are perfect for your company. Through the automation scripts, it becomes easier to manipulate the user interface of JIRA, together with Livefields and a preview of your workflow.

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JIRA Power Database Fields Pro

With power database fields, your data from other tools can be linked or pooled together to be used as a part of your workflow. You will be able to simplify your workflow with the databases ready with JIRA. You can easily configure and import from external databases. No need for manual entry!

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