The Best Free Word Processors Of 2021


Talking about Word Processors recreates memories from school when we are taught about Microsoft Word in the bulky 1990s computers with a faded yellow hue. But the robust machine did engrave deep memories about the word processors in our minds. And how can we forget the infamous Wordpad! While some of these are still used and loved, some have become obsolete.

Due to the changing needs, word processors have evolved. Many new features have been added and now we also have a bunch of options too. Some paid, some free,  but there is something for everyone. These processors are also being used as great MS Word alternatives due to their amazing user-friendly features.

Best Free Word Processor Software For 2021

If you are someone who likes to indulge in simplistic writing on the computer, or someone who loves using features to make your writing more effective, we will be talking about the best word processor options today. So, continue reading and know which is the best word processor for you.

Google Docs

Word Processor

Probably the best one and the most reliable to getting work done is the Docs tools provided by Google itself. This is one of the Google editing tools that also include sheets and slides. These are pretty useful and help you get the job done in seconds.

  • Accessibility: Computer, mobile (through apps)
  • Requirements: Google account
  • Features: Text formatting, offline editing, automatic saving, spell check, word count, and more.
  • Suitability: Everyone who wants to write on a computer

2. Microsoft Word

Again, one of the best tools, Microsoft Word, is what we’ve been using for years. The software has evolved in many ways including the way it looks and what it offers. Now you can use the tool for a bunch of features to write impeccably.

The Microsoft Word software can be downloaded from the web or installed from a CD. You can get MS Office starting at Rs 330/month from the Microsoft website which gets you not only MS Word, but also many other features like Powerpoint, Excel, and even cloud storage.

  • Features: Word count, formatting, spell check
  • Cons: Unsaved data will lose if the computer crashes as the tools do not support online work
  • Suitability: Critical writing and for those for whom saving a file on the computer is important
  • Requirements: Microsoft office installed

3. Microsoft word (Online)

An outlook account can get you access to a free version of Microsoft Word which is available through Outlook. It is another way to write online without any hassle. The comprehensive view of the recently written files will make it easy for you to access your documents.

  • Features: Spell check, dictation, formatting tools
  • Pros: Stays at one place with your outlook email
  • Accessibility: Web (online), mobile
  • Requirements: An Outlook account

4. WPS Office

Word Processor

 An alternative to using MS Word is using the WPS office tool. You can open multiple windows and work on multiple projects simultaneously. It has an array of features that will make writing very easy and fun for you.

  • Features: It can also connect to the internet and act as a web browser, spell check, grammar
  • Suitability: Those who want to work in a user-friendly tool
  • Cons: It does not save your data online

5. Polaris office

This one is a paid tool but offers you many gestures in the free version itself which will get your work done the way you need. Moreover, you can also collaborate with multiple people who can work on the same document just like Google slides. Choose this tool if you are big on diagrams and graphs.

  • Suitability: Incorporating diagrams and other graphical content in writing
  • Cons: Paid tool
  • Availability: Web, mobile

6. Zoho writer

Another word processor tool that will make writing simple and fast for you, Zoho writer, will surely help you save time. With less gimmicky features and more of a clean interface, you might find yourself using every feature that they have to offer considering that there are only the important ones that you use most of the time.

  • Features: Formatting of text, online and offline version, multiple people collaboration
  • Cons: fewer features
  • Requirements: Zoho account
  • Availability: Web, mobile

7. Apple pages

If you are an Apple user, this is probably something that you will love. With a very clean and neat design (just like Apple’s), their pages give you something very easy to manage and use. You can type on the go with this tool as most Apple devices already have it.

  • Features: Editing, formatting, exporting in various formats
  • Availability: Mac book, Apple phones
  • Cons: Not available on non-apple devices

8. Readable

Word Processor

If you are a professional writer, you need to take care of your readability score. Readable is an awesome tool that will help you do that. All you tend to do is type in the provided field to get scores depending on various readability scales.

Simply find out the best standard scores for your writing and try to match the same. Moreover, you will also get suggestions about how to edit to make your writing more readable.

However, the tool does not have text formatting or other options which are present in conventional word processors. You will need to upgrade to the premium version to increase the character limit too.

  • Availability: Web (desktop, and mobile browser)
  • Features: Ease of accessibility
  • Requirements: Internet
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