8 Awesome Features of Android Wear Smartwatch 2.0

For Android Wear Smartwatch users, here comes some good news. After Google redesigned its interface and added new features, your favorite device is now set to get the latest Android Wear 2.0 update. With these new features, the device is ready to compete with its arch rival Apple watch.

Android Wear Smartwatch

8 Incredible Android Wear Smartwatch 2.0  Features

Below are 8 candid features of Android Smartwatch 2.0 that help you do more: 

1. All in one Android Device:

Android wear 2.0 isn’t just a watch, but a complete and stand-alone Android device. The device has Google play store support and by using their existing or new Gmail account, users can download, update or use Google services and apps on watch. When you power on the device for the first time, you are asked to add your Gmail account to the watch.

2. You Can Also Install Apps

The Android wear 2.0 has access to a dedicated Android Wear Play Store from where apps can be downloaded. You need to accept store’s terms and service prompt in order to start installing and using apps. Once launched, the store displays a list of apps with pending updates, followed by a list of apps you have installed on your phone. Moreover, the store allows you to search, browse by category and discover apps built specifically for your watch.

3. Google Assistant Support:

Google’s latest invention Google Assistant is now available with Android Smartwatches.  To recall, Google Assistant is a Google service which lets users make voice-based commands to get tasks done through your watch. That means, you can now do a lot of things through your watch, without ever touching it.

To activate Google Assistant, long press the power button on your watch. Now give commands or ask questions. Swipe up from the bottom of the Assistant screen to get suggestions on what you can ask and do with Assistant.

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 4. Change Your Watch Faces:

Want to change watch face with an elegant or minimal one? Just a quick swipe to the right or left watch face can switch between faces with ease. You can switch between watchfaces using this gesture. In order to delete a saved watchface, swipe up or down.

5. An Entire New App Layout:

While viewing your Watchface, you can display the app list by pressing the power button. In case of LG Watch Style and Watch Sport, a digital crown is used to scroll through the list of installed apps. And on other watches, gestures are used to scroll up or down to view your apps. Eventually, you can tap on an app to launch it. You can also pin apps to the top of the list with a long-press on its icon.

6. Two Keyboards:

The Android Wear Smartwatch gives users two keyboards to respond to messages from the watch. One of the two is a teeny-tiny keyboard that’s quite difficult to use. The other one is a handwriting recognition tool that lets you scribble words on the display.

When composing a message or giving a reply, tap on the keyboard icon. The small keyboard appears first due to default setting. However, you can quickly switch between the two keyboards with a long-press on the keyboard icon.

7. Android Pay:

Android Pay feature is currently only available on the LG Watch Sport due to NFC requirements. If you haven’t yet installed yet on your watch, get it installed from Android Pay from the Play Store.

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When you open Android Pay app, you are prompted to set up a passcode for your watch.  You will have to input the code every time you open the app or reboot the device.

8. Music Streaming Without Phone :

Now, you needn’t carry your phone with you to listen to your favorite tunes. The Android Wear Smartwatch has stand-alone apps like the Google play Music App that helps you stream music over Wi-Fi or LTE. When you start streaming on the watch itself, you will be prompted if you want to pair to a Bluetooth speaker or headphones with the watch. If your watch supports built-in speaker, you can also choose to play through the watch itself.

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