7 Best Free Magento 2 Extensions for Developers

Flexibility, alluring design, better UX, sturdiness, security are a few reasons for the gaining popularity of Magento 2. But this is not it; whether you are an end-user or a store owner or a developer, I am sure you will have your own different reasons to fall in love with this emerging eCommerce platform.

For example, for an end-user, Magento offers perks like personalizing touch where shopper’s behavior, their browsing history can be tracked and based on that, store owners are able to offer the right product. According to a reputed Magento 2 agency london, there are many reasons why Magento 2 is the best e-commerce platform ever.

Why Magento 2?

Best 7 Free Magento 2 Extension

With personalization, the shopping cart can close more deals and end up encouraging shoppers to buy more, increase business ROI in no time. Other than personalization, advance search, streamlined checkout shouldn’t be ignored.

For store owners, Usability is considered with powerful tools at backend ease the use, automation, and management of order, sales, shipping, inventory, and reporting. The backend of Magento 2 enhances user experiences for backend users.

It may quite interest you to know that Magento 2 has awesome features such as drag-and-drop visual merchandising to optimize SEO and SMO parameters with modular approaches. Also, the responsive design allows store owners to offer seamless user experiences across the screens.

As of now for developers, it is an open-source platform that lets professionals leverage templates, extensions, modules, widgets, documentation, training, and consulting services, etc.

With a variety of databases, and with the introduction of Big Data with NoSQL-like databases, integrating third-party tools has become a bit challenging, but with Magento 2, everything is hassle-free. The PHP based open-source Magento 2 offers compatibility with the latest version of PHP and its frameworks, including Zend.

It works fine with significant databases, including MySQL, Oracle, and Hadoop, if required. It has also been proven that Magento 2 gives 20% more speed/performance compared to the previous version.

Featuring JavaScript library as default, Magento 2 avoids jQuery & Prototype conflicts while developing innovative features and functionality.

7 Best Free Magento 2 Extensions

Above all, Magento 2 is secure than previous versions because it has removed the skin folder from the root directory, so it has only 5 folders in root directory against 9 in the previous version.

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Thus, it has made it tough to steal or hack codes directly from the root directory for mischievous elements on the web.

Best 7 Free Magento 2 Extension to Consider

1. Brand

Managing numerous manufacturers and selling their items through an online store can be insanely tricky, especially in today’s competitive market.

This extension in particular lets store owners displays brand logos on their website effectively using blocks, templates, layouts, and widgets, thereby gaining user trust and credibility.

In the present scenario, clients first check the brand and then purchase the item. Getting brands and producers highlighted in your store according to your necessities- the extension is the perfect fit. Its key features include:

  • Empower different brand’s properties
  • Display brands effectively using blocks, templates, and layout
  • Widget to include the brand’s posting quicker
  • Multi-store support

2. One Page/Step Checkout

Another exciting Magento 2 extension that reduces your checkout steps into one compact procedure shouldn’t be ignored. Irrespective of the users or devices, the extension makes your checkout responsive and straightforward.

In addition to this, it auto-detects customer accounts so that they do not require to sign in again. Trust me, preventing cart abandonments works wonders.

3. Product Label

This extension for Magento 2 aids in creating attractive labels and allows one to add them to your homepage, category, product, wishlist, search result, and other custom pages.

It may quite interest you to know that extension allows you to add labels with enticing offers for products that are new, freshly stoked or offered at discount rates. Which means you can inform your customers about all the upcoming or ongoing offers much in prior. Its core features include:

  • Open-source
  • Free lifetime extension updates
  • Bug fixes and quick support
  • User-friendly and flexible configuration
  • Customized Labels with Text, Color, Style, and Shape

4. Mass Email Customers

Emails still exist in the most relevant and reliable category. So there is nothing wrong in connecting and facilitating repeat businesses by sending emails. All you need is a reliable Magento 2 extension such as Mass email customer. It gives you the ability to upload emails to all your customers in one click.

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5. Testimonials

Trusted by the network featuring great surveys and upbeat clients, testimonial is such an extension that permits to demonstrate testimonials on the frontend of your Magento 2 store, with a slider mode. Its key features include:

  • User-friendly design
  • Add testimonials to your site
  • Widget tool
  • Incorporates audits by new guests without login
  • Track and check the entire testimonials’ procedure.
  • Use widgets to include the testimonials’ posting quicker.

6. Site Search

Often, I find developers falling in love with the extension again and again as it comprises of semantic algorithms that validates customer intent, queries, and search preferences on the site.

Which means you can expect nothing but relevant searches with high accurate results with this Magento 2 extension in particular. Also, you will find guided navigation, auto-complete feature, multi-select navigation, virtual categories, and product finder tools here. Take a look!

7. FAQ

Another open-source platform is featuring a flexible interface that makes it easier for the user while he or she is visiting your site.

Being an admin, you require to create a set of different questions or articles which can be easily accessible by customers from the top menu, categories, page footer and any extra links anywhere at the store. Its features include:

  • Separate page
  • Add any number of FAQs
  • Easy configuration
  • A fully responsive theme
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