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Top 7 Benefits of Migrating From Magento 1 to Magento 2

Magento is a ubiquitous, efficient e-commerce platform which offers versatile B2B, B2C and other business solutions. According to statistics, Magento powers over 28% of the websites on the internet and more than 250,000 e-tailers around the world trust Magento for their online business needs.

Migrating From Magento 1 to Magento 2

Magento 1 is customizable, mobile-friendly and secure but the Magento 2 offers much better and updated technology and tools. It exhibits improved site performance and faster loading time. So if you need more reasons to get Magento 2 scroll down for more reasons!

Security Patches

With Magento 2, the platform has set up tougher fortifications making the hashing algorithms (SHA- 256) for passwords stronger than ever. Magento development also offers better protection services against cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks as well as fights click jacking onslaughts with the help of X-Frame-Options HTTP request header.

In short, Magento version 2 makes e-commerce websites more safe and secure. Also, according to reports, Magento will soon end dishing out security updates for the earlier version by the end of 2018. This will make e-commerce websites vulnerable to potential attacks. More the reason to hire a Magento developer to get an upgrade!

Great Speed and Performance

Websites made on Magento 2 load 50% faster than the earlier version. It also facilitates faster checkouts and is capable of confirming 117 orders more orders per hour than Magento 1. The platform is incredibly quick and with an industry-appropriate website, garnering views can become extremely easy.


With a faster and easier checkout process, businesses can retain customers and ensure customer satisfaction. This can be made possible by compressing images and minimizing JavaScript through custom Magento development. Leads can be converted into sales by enhancing the shopping experience!

Easier Payment and Third-Party Integrations

Magento 2 offers the option of more secure payment gateways. Users who already have their accounts in such digital payment platforms will be able to swim through the checkout process in a jiffy!

Magento 2 add-ons will help you widen your reach and appeal to prospective customers across the globe. By migrating to Magento 2, installing extensions will become simpler and updates will be more accessible. Integrating these extensions within the module is also much more streamlined because of HTML5, Less, and CSS3. Magento 2 allows third-party integrations to overlap with important codes, a feature which is not available in Magento 1.

The modern technology offers cheaper and more holistic plugins which can make work easier. So hire a Magento developer to help you to improve online presence with the help of Magento 2.

Easy to Use Admin Panels

Admin panel navigation used to cumbersome and complicated with the earlier version of Magento. But with the update, it has become much more sophisticated and cleaner. Once the website is updated to Magento 2 using Custom Magento Development Services, merchants can handle their websites all on their own.

Retailers can upload new information easily and also have an eye on the existing orders – all at the same time. Some repetitive processes can also be automated using the new Magento 2. On the other hand, customers can also get more user-friendly online stores using which they can browse through the collection without facing any issues.

Magento 2 also offers the comfort of a much better dashboard which displays all relevant data in one place for the administrator. With the help of such upgraded tools, businesses can keep a track of their previous and present sales records; most searched items, new customers as well as returning customers!

Improved SEO

Magento 2 boosts online traffic to your website with its modern tools and responsive interface. Magento 2 juggles with HTML optimization which can improve Google rankings of the website. It also offers SEO extensions for meta-tags, rich snippets and it seems to have learned from the previous SEO flaws in Magento 1.


The new update also has auto-generation tools for product information and meta-data. With Magento development, you can also customize your canonical tags as well as keep a track of your site’s rankings with great tools to add Google Analytics tracking codes.


As already mentioned, Magento 2 can handle more orders than Magento 2. The business benefits of acquiring the new update are immense because of its enterprise-grade scalability. Expand your business by increasing the number of products on offer with Magento 2 easily because it can handle more than 2.1 million more views than Magento 1 can in an hour! If you want to improve your online presence with some professional help, Magento Development Services companies can help you out.

Streamlined Testing

Magento 2 is a boon for developers and testers as well. Regression testing with Magento 2 can get complicated with Magento 1 but that is not the case with Magento 2.  The built-in testing framework makes bug search easy! This is extremely important that the website runs smoothly and users don’t face any problem when online traffic increases.


Along with great in-house systems such as Magento UI library, and full page caching, it also offers developers the latest versions of PHP 5.5.x+, MySQL 5.6, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3to work with. So it’s definitely a major jump from the previous version.

Before you shift to Magento 2, it is important to contact agencies offering custom Magento development services. Migration has its downsides as you’ll need to dedicate time and effort towards rebuilding your website.

Magento 2 doesn’t allow full porting of the earlier extensions, themes, and features to the newer version so some features have to be worked upon from scratch. But the update also offers better site performance and improved catalog management along with 24/7 customer support. So this will really augment your business in the long run!

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