14 Mobile Apps You Must Have

14 Mobile Apps You Must Have in Your Mobile Phones

We juggle so many day to day tasks that a wall calendar and a pen-and-paper to-do list just isn’t good enough. This is why android lollipop phones come to our rescue by providing a smarter way to take care of daily tasks. Whether you need to remember an appointment next month, or a business call later today, there’s an app for you. The article features 14 mobile apps you must have in your mobile phones. Read on to check if you have these 14 mobile applications in your phone.

The Google Play store has exploded in past few years and now there are more than 2.2 million apps available for Android phones. So it might be quite hard to figure out which apps you really need, and which aren’t as important to have from this number of apps.

But we are here to help, because here is a list of the newest and most useful apps that will make sure you get the most from your Android.

14 Mobile Apps You Must Have in Your Phone

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With the right apps you can plan your day, week, month or year – and really get things done. Let’s take a look at some of these apps. Read on the comprehensive list of mobile apps you must have in your mobile phones:-

1. aCalendar

14 Mobile Apps You Must Have

Most 4g mobiles will have a basic calendar app already enabled which integrates with Google Calendar and lets you schedule appointments, set reminders and jot down a basic to-do list.

So why should you download aCalendar? Because it may well be the best overall calendar app for business users on the Android platform, striking a great balance between ease of use and powerful features that the stock Calendar app can’t do.

The app has all the basics, making it easy to toggle between day, week, month and year views, and it has plenty of options to set reminders and notifications for important engagements. It also offers a slew of business features, like the ability to schedule a meeting and invite meeting attendees straight from the app.

2. Google keep

14 Mobile Apps You Must Have

While there is no dearth of to-do list apps on the play store, Google Keep is a highly visual, no-nonsense to-do list app that takes the cake.Simply open the app and select from one of four input options: Type or speak to add a quick note, enter items into a list, or snap a photo.

An alarm can be added to any item as a reminder, and the ability to quickly snap a photo and add it to your board gives you a streamlined way to catalog items of visual interest for later viewing.

3. Cam Scanner

Installed on over 60 million devices in 208 countries,this is the best scanner app in the world for document scanning and sharing. Over 50,000 new registrations happen every day. The latest Version 3.1.0 of Cam Scanner, provides more enhanced document image, &automatically recognizes text in images. Cam Scanner can help you to scan, store, sync and collaborate various contents.

4. Google Now

14 Mobile Apps You Must Have

Technically, Google Now is not exactly an app but rather the software is baked into the operating system of all Android lollipop phones. Tap and hold the home button on your smartphone to access it, then drag your finger up to the Google logo. Essentially this an intelligent personal assistant designed to know what you need even before asking for it.

5. Wallet TrackR

Wallet TrackR lets you find lost Keys, wallets, cards and more. All you need to do is attach your Wallet TrackR device with valuable stuff like keys and wallets that you’d hate losing. Set-up your Wallet TrackR device in your phone&make sure that your device is compatible for this app.

The new version of Walletrackr is now available in respective store for download and compatible with latest version of the both iOS & Android operating system.

6. Shopify

14 Mobile Apps You Must Have

Unlike the general perception, living the life of a digital nomad is not a piece of cake.In fact, certain projects could be impromptu as well and you got to do things in ajiffy.While you try to micro-manage in different capacities, for example running your e-commerce store ora new business website.

So if you have any such plan, then Shopify is the perfect app that can provide you with hassle free web solutions. The app offers mobile-optimized websites, secure hosting, check-outs with around 70 payment getaways and much more to choose from at an incredibly affordable rate.

For example, you can choose a$29/ month package to avail unlimited access to all features and services. Alternatively, you can pick a 14-day free trial in order to test the app features and services.

7. Every Time Zone

While you are working with people from different time zones, keeping track of each other’s progress and deadlines on shared projects at a decided time makes matters complicated and your time zone math even worse.

Every Time Zone will be a convenient addition to your arsenal of apps to help keep track of time with people working from different locations. All you need is to add times zones of everyone, add your own time zone in the marker at the top and then watch out where everybody else’s time zones fit in.

8. 1Password

Letting out confidential data including passwords to team members and other stakeholders and keeping track of them at the same time can be a daunting task.

To ward off this threat of being at risk, it is a great idea to use 1Password which is a fantastic secure password-sharing service which lets you create distinctive vaults with a set of passwords to tools and services that are accessible only to the members you’ve shared it with.

Since the app is already available for numerous devices, it comes handy when you have to share sensitive information via unprotected networks.

9. Private Internet Access

14 Mobile Apps You Must Have

For digital nomads, there can be nothing worse than not having an unprotected internet connection.When you often need to make payments at the eleventh hour or indulge in credit card purchases and the only internet connection your device finds available is an unprotected network Private internet Access helps keep your entire computer data protected.

You can rest assured that none of your payment data will be fished or passwords cracked when you use an anonymous encrypted VPN and a private IP.

10. Spaxtel

Calls on Skype can be a nuisance when the internet does not function well and your communication can face terrible technical hitches. In that case, Spaxtel is a face saver as it helps you make high-quality calls via callback without installing any software or finding an internet connection.

In fact, the call rates depend on the call quality you pick and the city/countries you are calling to. Compared to Skype, the call prices of Spaxtel have been termed affordable with better connection quality. Moreover, the discounts are pretty great too.

Several amazing apps can find a place into your machinery to make your digital journey even easier. The list can be quite exhaustive and tedious. However, it is your prerogative to find the most suitable ones that complement your work dynamics.

11. Pocket

Pocket is a really great tool, that will be useful for anyone. It is an app, that allows people to save all kind of articles and videos you find interesting, but don’t have the time to read right away.

So with Pocket you can just collect all kind of interesting articles and read them at a time that’s convenient to you. The greatest thing about this app is that you can read all the saved articles even if you have no internet connection.

This means, that you will never be short of something to read or watch again, especially when you have no internet connection. So enjoyclutter-free, ad-free reading or watching experience on your phone anywhere, anytime. And make it even better by using an Android accessories like a docking station or Android speakers to enhance your experience even more.

12. WifiMapper

An integral part of a smartphone experience is WiFi connection. Without that smartphone usage is either expensive or impossible, because it relays on mobile data. The good news is that WiFiis all around us, we just need to find the WiFi connections that are available to us.

That’s where WifiMapper comes in. It is an app that gives its users a detailed information on all nearby WiFiconnections, their quality and which of them are available to us for free. All the information is laid out on an interactive map, which is easy to navigate and understand. No more spending mobile data, when you could bet using WiFi.

13. Fleksy

Fleksy is an app, that installs a highly-responsive and efficient virtual keyboard on your phone. Many of you might be wonder, why would you need another virtual keyboard, right? Well the answer is to have the best and most accurate keyboard available on your phone.

Typing is a lot more convenient with Fleksy than with original Android keyboard, because it offers intuitive writing, easier deletion of text among other great features. Write faster and have less typos with Fleksy.

14. HERE Maps

14 Mobile Apps You Must Have

Having a good map on your phone is very important, because you never know when you will need it. And although everyone now has Google Maps on their phone, there are other options out there, that might be superior to Google Maps.

One of these options is HERE Maps, because it provides everything you could ever expect from an interactive map, including turn-by-turn navigation, search, satellite imagery and so on.

But the best thing about this app is that is has an offline feature. You can download maps of entire countries and use even when you don’t have an internet connection. when you are offline. This is a must-have app for every traveler out there.

14 Mobile Apps You Must Have : Conclusion

Google Playstore is full great and interesting apps that many users will find handy, but the apps on this list are some of the most useful ones, that will make your smartphone experience even better. So upgrade your smartphone by downloading these apps and enjoy the adventure that they bring.

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