5 Best Software to Fix Corrupt JPG images

# Last Updated On: April 2, 2020 #

Digital photos are prone to corruption. Stored in memory cards, SD cards, flash drives or hard drives, they get corrupt, show errors, and may not be accessible in correct form due to several reasons. To fix any such issue in JPEG files, it is essential to use a safe and advanced JPEG repair tool that works in all situations of corruption. The article lists 5 Software to Fix Corrupt JPG images. Read on to know benefits, limitations of these noted Software to Fix Corrupt JPG images.

5 Best Software to Fix Corrupt JPG images

Best Software to Fix Corrupt JPG images

Here we picked for you the five best software to fix corrupt JPEG images, from the plethora of photo repair tools available online.

1. Picture Doctor (Repair PSD Files)

The easy to use Picture Doctor 3.2 is a JPEG repair tool that also recovers PhotoShop (PSD) files. The software restores corrupted JPEG images and saves them into BMP format. It also supports batch file processing. It recovers images with original dimensions and palette and efficiently repairs various types of corruptions in photos.

Although it offers a free version to evaluate the software but a big watermark hides a major part of the picture. So you cannot judge the actual repair capability in its demo. Compared to other JPEG repair solutions in the market, priced at $99.50, the Picture Doctor is an expensive pick.


  • Recovers PSD files also
  • Supports batch files repair


  • Demo version not useful to evaluate software
  • Does not support macOS
  • Expensive

 2. Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair 5.0

Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair 5.0 is an extremely user-friendly solution to repair corrupt JPEG/JPG image files. At $39.99, it is an impressively advanced tool that easily repairs photos stored in memory cards, SDXC, SDHC, pen drives, USB flash drives or hard drives etc.

The software has advanced scanning engine and supports multiple repair of JPEG files that saves significant time. You can also preview the repaired pictures before saving them at your desired location.

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Unlike its counterparts, the Stellar JPEG repair tool has a distinct feature of thumbnail extraction for severely corrupt JPEG files. It extracts thumbnails without compromising the image quality.

The software manages to repair almost all the JPEG photo issues such as grainy, pixelated, color band, bit error, or corrupt header etc. The trial version has its limitation. It lets you view the repaired file but does not allow to save them unless you buy the software.


  • Highly simple and user friendly GUI
  • Extracts thumbnails of extremely corrupt photos
  • Multiple photos repair simultaneously
  • Supports both Mac and Windows


  • Free version does not let you save repaired photos

3. VG JPEG Repair

Easy to use, VG JPEG Repair is a German utility that repairs corrupt photos of JPEG format. It is competent to resolve most of the JPEG corruption issues such as unknown file type, corrupt header, JPEG marker or invalid file structure.

Unlike its competitors, you have to pay only for the restoration of the selected JPEG files. The developer first verifies if the affected files can be restored or not. After that they provide direct link to proceed with the JPEG repair process.

On successful repair, the software opens a folder with repaired JPEG files. You can add the folder as an attachment in an email or download link to get the repaired pictures. Although an efficient tool, its drawback is that it is available only in German language and supports just Windows system.


  • Simple interface
  • Recoverability verification by developer before repair


  • Only German language support
  • Does not supports Mac

 4. PixRecovery

An easy to use PixRecovery fixes all kinds of damaged, corrupt, or broken images. Along with JPEG, the software repairs corrupt GIF, BMP, TIFF, and PNG file formats too.

This JPEG repair tool maintains the original specs in terms of dimension and color of photos. Its ‘recoverability assessment’ value feature assess the possibility of repair of the corrupt photo even before repairing. The software gives you choice to save the repaired files into BMP or in the original file format.

For pictures corrupted beyond recovery, PixRecovery restores their thumbnails. Another benefit of PixRecovery is the repair of minimally processed RAW images shot from cameras. While its inability to repair progressive JPEG files may not be liked by web or graphic designers who generally use progressive JPEG images.

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  • Easy to use
  • Maintains the original specs of the photo
  • Recoverability assessment before repair


  • Does not repair progressive JPEG files

 5. RS File Repair

RS File Repair fixes corrupt, broken or distorted photos of JPG JPEG, JFIF TIFF TIF and PNG file formats. The software has a simple and intuitive interface. Its effective ‘analyze’ and ‘research’ options help to find and fix logical errors in the pictures.

RS File Repair mends JPEG corruptions maintaining the original specs of the photos. The software supports lossless recovery and even manages to save metadata. It lets you to save the repaired picture at your desired location.


  • Easy to use
  • Lossless recovery


  • Does not support macOS

Software to Fix Corrupt JPG images: Conclusion

Each of the above JPEG repair software have their own distinct features and functionalities. Choose the one that meets best of your requirement. Do you have any other addition for the list? Do share your experience with JPEG repair tool in the comment box below.

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