2019 BMW M240i: The Best BMW for Its Price

That’s a big statement to make and that isn’t wrong. BMW launched its 2-series line-up to fill the large gap between the 1 series cars and 3-series entry-level sedans. Although it’s similar to what they did with the 4 Series line-up, rebranded 3 Series Coupes and Convertibles as 4 series but they did it just right.

2019 BMW M240i

So, well that Top Gear magazine dumped the M3 for the M2 to crown as the proper M Driver’s car. But before the arrival of the M2, the M240i Coupe had earned the tag of a most exciting sports coupe.

BMW M240i is a great car and is loved by the owners and you will find it true when you will struggle to get yourself a used M240i Coupe. Although there are plenty of used to M240i Convertible to be found up for sale. So, what made the M240i so loved and special? We will tell you just that in brief in our 2019 BMW M240i review.

M240i is the top trim level available in the BMW 2 Series (not considering the M2, as it falls under the M line-up). So that means that it will be available with a slightly higher price and most of the specs and features available as the standard options. BMW 240i is available in both the Coupe and Convertible body style with and without the xDrive feature.

The xDrive feature is BMW’s name for calling it an All-Wheel Drive. A 3.0L inline 6-cylinder turbocharged engine is standard for the M240i cars which are capable of churning out 369 ft-lbs. of torque at 1540 rpm and 335 hp at 550 rpm.

An 8-speed shiftable automatic transmission is standard in the M240i. 2019 BMW M240i starts at $45,800 with its RWD Coupe variant. 2019 BMW M240i xDrive Coupe costs $47,800 while the RWD Convertible and xDrive Convertible are the costliest with $50,400 and $52,400 as their windows sticker price, respectively.

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Because the M240i is the top variant available in the BMW 2 series line-up, it gets the most of the features as the standard. Leather and heated steering wheel, keyless ignition (another name for dramatic Push Start Button), electric power steering, rear view camera for parking and incoming traffic monitoring, heated leatherette seats, wireless charging for your smart devices, Harman/Kardon premium sound system, 10-way power adjustable front seats, power lumbar support for front seats and height and thigh extension for the driver seats are just a few of the many interesting interior features that are available as standard in BMW M240i.

For the exterior styling, you have the big aggressive BMW signature, kidney grill. Bigger air intakes in the front to cool down that 3.0L inline-6 engine. Seven body color paint option, six interior color option to match with the exterior and option to choose from the four 18” wheel designs. Adaptive LED headlight is another notable exterior feature that made its way to the M240i lineup. M240i Convertible gets a black soft top foldable roof that folds into the trunk and only take up to 2 cubic feet of space.

All those impressive features for a price that’s still affordable to the most. This two-door BMW beats up the most of the competition and proves itself as the worth member of a petrolhead garage.

When compared to the last year’s model, everything under the bonnet is unchanged with a little to no facelift. Only change being the few security features that are now made the standard. We did our best to find anything bad about this car, and we just couldn’t.

BMW M240i is just the best car you could get for the price it is being offered. It’s a bargain. And did I tell you how fun it is to drive? You get the launch control in this car when on the perfect circumstances, you can do 0-60 mph in just 4.4 seconds.

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Just to put it to a perspective, that is the sports car category. No matter at what speed you are, M240i just feels ready to be unleashed like a mad dog and would throw you back deep in the seat.

Sure, the M2 is the best M performance car for its price but M240i costs way less than the M2 and is equally as fun and exciting as its big brother. I think you should save a few grand while you can.

M240i is available in both Coupe and Convertible. Because both the body styles perform almost identical, it really comes down to your personal preference that what you wish you buy. I, personally, would happily choose a Coupe over the convertible.

So, should you buy a BMW M240i? Heck yea! The few grand you would save by not buying an M2 can be used to install some high-performance aftermarket parts if you are into that thing. The result will be something that they “didn’t see it coming”. Literally.

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