15 Ultimate Tools & Plugins to Make Your WordPress Content 10x Better

Writing content is perhaps one of the most time-consuming, tedious and risky tasks a website and WordPress blog can undergo. There’s no telling whether hours and hours of research and work will flop or become a viral sensation that’s shared by millions of users around the world.

15 Ultimate WordPress Tools & Plugins

WordPress Tools & Plugins

However, in the war for creating amazing content, you don’t stand alone. Today, we’re going to explore 15 of the best content creation tools and plugins that are here to help you along every step of the way, enabling you to create 10x better content that you’re producing now, maximising your chances of going viral.

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

The first thing your readers will see and the feature that makes them click is the headline of your posts. You can use this free online tool to paste in your headline and edit it to a 100% rating to make sure it’s as captivating as possible, resulting in maximum hits and clicks.

Cite It In

This is a free online tool you can use to add citations, references and quotes to your content. Cite It In helps you to format these bits of texts, so they fit perfectly into your content. This makes your content look a lot more professional and makes your content easier to read.

Easy Word Count

This free online tool is ideal for tracking and monitoring the word count of your content to make sure that it’s long enough that it’s valuable but not too long that it becomes boring and overwhelming to your readers; one of the most common causes of a high bounce rate.

PrePost SEO

As the name of this WordPress plugin suggests, this is a free plugin you can install into your website to help you optimise and perfect each on e of your content posts to make sure they are ready for being online. You’ll be able to count your links, your keyword density and all forms of data, including meta tags and broken links; everything you could need before posting.


An official WordPress plugin, Infogram is the ideal tool that you’ll need to make sure that you’re using high-quality graphics and images in your content posts to make them stand out from the crowd. Using images in your content is one of the best ways to engage your readers and to make your content easily digestible.

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“Even if you’re not using infographics, be sure to use icons, photos and videos throughout your blog posts. This means you’ll be able to communicate your message far more effectively than without” shares Jonathon Preston, a content manager for Big Assignments.

Via Writing

When writing your content, you’ll want to make sure that it’s written in perfect grammar. This is so your content makes sense and is the highest level of readability possible. Before you start writing, use this tool to brush up on your grammar knowledge.

Australian Help

This online writing service has a tonne of services but primarily is used by students, businesses and WordPress blog owners to edit their content before publishing it on their website. This helps you to make sure that your content is communicating the right message and reads well.

NextGen Gallery

As we’ve already mentioned, imagery is important in your content for making it stand out and to go viral. NextGen Gallery is a comprehensive gallery plugin that prides itself on being simple to use, easy to install and provides great results for your WordPress blog.


Similar to Via Writing listed above, Grammarix is a resource blog that’s full of posts and articles on how to improve your writing skills and your use of grammar. This ensures your content is readable, properly formatted and ready for posting on your WordPress website.

Editorial Calendar

The key to success when it comes to producing and managing great content for your website is being organised. If you’re planning on posting something in August, you should have already started planning than post in January to make sure everything is perfect. What better way is there to stay organised this integrated editorial calendar?

Ox Essays

Before posting your content, it’s vital that the last thing you do is to proofread it. This means checking for errors such as misplaced punctuation, poorly implemented grammar and, of course, spelling mistakes.

Any error in your content will harm your WordPress website’s credibility and reputation which can so easily be avoided. This is an online tool that can proofread your content accurately for you.


Another official WordPress plugin, this free tool helps you create, manage and edit article lists both in the front and back end, directly in your WordPress dashboard. The tool helps you to easily create captivating list posts and listicles, one of the most popular forms of content on the web.

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Search Everything

Let’s face it; the default WordPress search feature isn’t the best. This free plugin allows you customise and refine your settings, making sure your website users can easily find the content they are looking for.


If your WordPress contain plagiarised content, it won’t be indexed by Google and will, therefore, have no SEO ranking. This means your content posts won’t be discoverable by your readers and completely minimises the chances of it going viral. Use this online tool to check and edit your content, so it’s 100% original.

YouTube Embed Plugin

As the title of this plugin suggests, this tool is used to easily embed YouTube content and videos directly into your WordPress blog and website. This means you can add a new layer of media to your website, including responsive videos, loops, automatic controls and even handles custom shortcodes.


ServiceScape.com connects you with rated and reviewed professional proofreaders who can help you to refine your WordPress blog content. Once you find the right person, you can discuss your project through messages and/or conference calls and set up a proofreading project in just a couple of minutes.


As you can see, there is a tonne of plugins and online tools you can use to maximise the efficiency and quality of your content posts. With these tools by your side, you’ll be producing content that’s 10X better than the content you’re producing now, helping you climb your way up the ranks to WordPress and blogging success.

Ultimate WordPress Tools & Plugins