Top SEO Trends 2021 That Will Enhance your Website


SEO Trends

Where do you go to find the latest trends in SEO? We need to start from there, so you don’t get so lost. Google is your first solution. Millions of people search there because it is a trusted site known to deliver.

As the voice search becomes popular in our lives, it is making busy life easier for everyone. Therefore, it is proving to be one of the strong trends that will survive for a long, with experts predicting 50% of users by 2020. Below we have curated the top trends that will give good SERPs by 2020. But first, we shall look at the steps that are subject to that.

Steps to Implement SEO Current Trends:

According to Patrick, the director of URL Profiler, websites with a vast audience, content, and technology, end up with successful SEO. Other practices that contribute to this success are as follows:

  • When you write, be unique and give something captivating
  • Optimize for both On-Page SEO with a search intention.
  • Have a list of keywords that you will choose from.
  • Fast page load is where users prefer.
  • Make use of rich snippets
  • optimize your site for mobile

Trend 1: BERT

2020 SEO Trends

Since the recent launch of Google’s BERT algorithm, everyone has the interested to find out what it entails. Bert update will analyze the search structure to understand your keyword context, and then provide the search results that are only relevant filtering the rest. That means your content should be top-notch as you focus on the following;

  • Create content that has search queries and answer your audience with satisfaction.
  • A content can be either fantastic or crappy. You can’t cheat search engines by stuffing keywords because they have become smarter. There are no short cuts; you have to work on your content for better ranking.

Trend 2: Site Mobile Optimization for SEO

It is a trend that is not going anywhere soon. When people access your site from their mobile devices, they should find a great user experience. Having great content without an AMP version compatibility can be such a waste. A vast number of online shoppers prefer to use their smartphones rather than desktops. Out of five searches, three of them comes from mobile devices.

Since most of the website traffic in the US came from mobile phones in 2018, you better have your website integrated for mobile as the number of device users is currently going up.  Remember with the evolving tech-some users are adding the App stack in their devices for cruising and flipping from one app to the other, without losing their work. One can also link applications for better working.

By default, all new websites got enabled in 2019. If you have an old website, you can seek affordable SEO services to optimize your site, so you don’t lose out. You will also get better indexing.

Best metrics to rank with mobile SEO

  • When designing your site, consider mobile users too.
  • Ensure your page speed is on point
  • Allow images, CSS and Javascript to show in your site.
  • If you deal with local business, remember to optimize your site for local search.
  • Optimize your titles and meta descriptions.
  • Avoid using pop-ups because they can be irritating to users and may end up causing your site a high bounce rate.
  • Configure for a responsive mobile design that uses CSS3 media queries targeting the entire layout on the screen.

Trend 3: Schema Markup

Schema markup is an evolving trend that changes continuously. The structured semantic data help both users and search engines to understand your content better. It is, therefore, advisable to add schema to your site and to also have a clean-richer information display that will give a better reading to search engines. It contributes to an improved representation of your page in SERPs.

Your content will not read as non-descript. If experienced, you can add markup yourself to your post or use the WordPress website design company to do this and many more. You will never have to miss an update of the schema as you allow them to be accessing your site for backup and maintenance.

The structured data is used to markup many items, including products and events. Below are some of the additional information included:

  • Events
  • Creative work
  • Person
  • Product
  • Places
  • Organization

Trend 4: Enhance your Technical SEO

It is an effortless practice. As long as you use the white hat techniques, you will be following the search engine standards that are crucial. Most of these are the apparent requirements that help your users to get through your site quickly. Some key aspects to enhance technical SEO are:

  • Design a site structure that users can easily navigate, and bots can run and index it. This specialized process requires experts such as WordPress website design company, highly recommended for their long-credible-experience.
  • Did you also know that Google requires site delivery through HTTPS for security purposes?
  • Add rich snippets, which is a markup that adds more information to your page, enhancing it thus becomes discoverable by the search engines.
  • Avoid duplicating your content if you have used it in another location because you might get a penalty from Google. Always use fresh content to stay safe.

Trend 5: Put Your Focus on Quality-Content

It is a significant factor that contributes to winning SEO. Even if you meet all the requirements of a qualifying SEO without quality content, you will not get anywhere. You may have a remarkable inviting structure that will have users opening, but if they find a poorly done article, they will fall away so fast. Instead of increasing traffic, you will have a high bounce rate that leads to a low ranking. It is frustrating, and nobody wants to be there.

Trend 6: Use of Video is Trending More in 2020

Long gone are the era where communication or passing of information was on mere content. Currently, people need something they can easily relate to, and that is videos. It is more eye-catching and demands attention.

That’s why you will find today marketers have gone viral with video advertisements. According to research, most people will watch a video marketing clip before buying goods or services to get convinced. Use the trend if you want to succeed in your business.

Trend 7: Zero-Click Search

When we talk of zero-click search, it means your user’s queries will get answered on the SERP without getting other site referrals. Most Google searches that happened in June 2019 emerged to zero-clicks.

As of today, 34.4% of searches done on desktops, result in no click, while those done in mobile devices on no click are 62.5%. It is a trend that is proving to be successful as the number of users keeps increasing. You can see they are more common in mobile devices and those doing voice searches, although audio answers don’t count.

Some of the zero-click searches include:

  • Map direction-style 
  • Dictionary and encyclopedia-style
  • Database-style

In conclusion:

using the mentioned SEO 2020 trends will not only enhance your site and attract excellent traffic, but will give you beautiful top ranks from the search engines. Adjust fast to the current trends as they continuously change. When you hire affordable SEO services to manage your site, you don’t have to fret if you are missing out on any trend.

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