Know About the Top 5 Youtube Channels for JEE Main Preparation

We all spend a lot of time watching entertaining videos on Youtube videos. But have you ever tried to use it for educational purposes? If not, then it’s the right time to think so.

Youtube is used massively among the people and one can find almost all sort of videos on any possible topic just like Google search.

Try to search about JEE Main preparation videos on Youtube and you’ll find an abundant number of dedicated channels by experts who are offering video lectures on JEE preparations.

Top 5 Youtube Channels for JEE Main Preparation

Top Youtube Channels for JEE Main Preparation

Not only these videos offer unrestricted access to useful content, lecture notes, tips and tricks on JEE Main but they also provide an entertaining way of understanding the concepts.

And to students, who find book learning and coaching boring, preparing for JEE Main can be fun. It will save your important time and provide an ease to learn concepts repeatedly. This can also be a strong reason for cracking JEE Main Cutoff.

But before you jump up with excitement to have something like this at your disposal, you must know that all JEE Main preparation Youtube videos or channels are not up to the mark.

If you rely on an inappropriate channel then you might end up in a tight spot which may definitely affect your result. But don’t worry as we have sorted it out for you.

Here are top 5 Youtube channels that JEE Main aspirants can use to speed up their preparation in less time.

Ajnish Gupta (Organic Chemistry)

If you have been worried about Organic Chemistry as it is one of the most difficult subjects in JEE Main exam then try free Youtube lesson by Ajnish Gupta.

The videos are the best source of building concepts and clearing doubts in organic chemistry.

Some of the videos have 3D presentation of organic molecules, the experimental background of optical isomerism, how to approach in organic reactions and many more.

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The fundamentals in each video are explained clearly in a very easy manner and the concepts covered are of JEE level.


IITJEE Master is a Youtube channel dedicated to preparation lectures in subjects of mathematics, physics and chemistry at JEE level. The videos are intended to provide home-based coaching for JEE Preparation.

It is a highly recommended channel for JEE Main aspirants. Each video focuses on building the concepts and smart methods to solve JEE questions in an easy and fast manner.

Some of the useful videos by the channel include lectures on the important lectures like rotational physics, lecture on ray optics, atomic structure, functions domain and range, and lot more. (contd.:top 5 Youtube Channels for JEE Main Preparation)

Mohit Tyagi (Mathematics)

Mohit Tyagi is an expert in Mathematics and his Youtube channel is popular among JEE aspirants. An IIT graduate Mohit has 15 years of work experience.

The lecture videos uploaded by him which help in understanding the concept clearly. His channel also offers videos on solved question papers on mathematics.

His channel has dedicated video playlists on various important topics like Calculus, Algebra, Coordinate Geometry and Trigonometry.

The most highly watched lecture videos from his channel include important topics like Permutation & Combination, Functions & Graphs, Straight Lines and lot more.

Rao Academy (Previous Year Solved Papers)

Rao Academy as we know is an established coaching institution offering coaching in IIT JEE, NEET, BITSAT and other national level entrances. Rao Academy is a good source for getting almost all explanations on solutions of previous years papers.

The in-depth analysis and expert tips on each section is a big help for students during the last phase of preparations. Their videos will help you to increase your speed of solving questions.

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mLearning (IIT-JEE)

mLearning is an amazing source to begin preparations as JEE aspirants can find video lectures on each subject. Each video is very detailed and easy to understand. The lectures are prepared by field experts to cater to the needs of students who are slow at understanding the concepts.

The most important of all, it’s a way of making the topics interesting is the beauty of the channel.

Educational content has grown to a large extent on Youtube. It is highly advisable that students must utilize it in the best way they can.

The content offered through these channels is highly reliable as they are given by field experts. Also, students can clear their doubts even after the lecture.  (contd.:top 5 Youtube Channels for JEE Main Preparation)

Top 5 Youtube Channels for JEE Main Preparation

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