Top 5 UK Aerospace Tech Startups 2018

# Last Updated On: June 8, 2020 #

In this comprehensive post, we will list top 5 tech startups that work in space sector. These budding startups are exploring untapped potential lies in space industry including spaceflight, satellites and space exploration.

Top UK Aerospace Tech Startups

They are using widest range of innovative tools and techniques that are needed to address the complexity of the aerospace sector. Listed here are some of the most renowned top UK aerospace tech startups in the aerospace that are redefining the industry:

1. Rezatec

top UK aerospace tech startups

The Oxfordshire based startup, a geospatial data analytics company, was founded in 2012. The company helps corporate manage their assets and boost smart management using landscape intelligence to help.

The startup provides businesses a detailed analysis of Earth Observation (EO) satellite data and advanced remote sensing techniques. Rezatec is a proud service provider of large amounts of data from satellites and mapping techniques to its clients that span across industries such as agriculture, oil, energy and commodities.

The ace investors in the startup include Run Capital and Harvard Business School Alumni Angels. Both the firms invested over £1 million in seed funding in 2016.

2. Esplorio

Top UK Aerospace Tech Startups

The startup was founded back in 2012. Esplorio is a travel app that leverages social data and space technology at its best to offer users better travelling experience.

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Its smartphone travel app collects data from the Space Shuttle Endeavour to let users record and share their travels without consuming mobile data in roaming. The app is currently available for iOS users and enables travelers check into places of their choice, map out routes using GPS and upload photos to a digital travel journal.

Startup Funding Club, University of Oxford and the European Space Agency Business Incubator are the key investors in the startup.

3. Altitude Angel

Altitude Angel offers traffic management solutions to make drones safer when flying in worldwide airspace. Its traffic management works on its cloud platform to design scalable solutions for fully autonomous drones and airspace management.

Ace investors in the startup include Seraphim Space Fund, ADV and Frequentis. Startup’s GuardianUTM platform helps drone operators secure unmanned aerial system traffic management for drone flights.

4. Oxford Space Systems:

The Oxford Space Systems was founded back in 2013. The startup is a space tech business that offers global satellite industry a range of new generation of antennas and space structure.

The main products of the startup are AstroTube composite boom systems and deployable panel systems. These booms are used for various space applications and technologies like antennas and solar arrays in space industry.

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Our top UK aerospace tech startup OSS is known for its ability to lighter, less complex and lower cost products for space technology sector.

5. Bird. I

Top UK Aerospace Tech Startups

Bird. i is Glasgow-based startup that collects and combines big data from space. The startup provides high-quality satellite, airborne and drone imagery in real-time. This real time data is accessed and used by global businesses such as Thomson Reuters and more.

Investors in the startup include Frontline Ventures and Satellites Application Catapult Services. The 2014 founded startup uses AI techniques and computer vision technology to collate the data.

5 UK Aerospace Tech Startups

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