Top 10 Coolest WordPress Themes you Must Try

(Last Updated On: June 9, 2021)

Are you looking for a new change in your WordPress theme? Is it that your website lacks the most scintillating home page or is it that the navigation page is just a bit too thick?!

Well, starting off with the coolest WordPress themes is not an issue anymore. With the rocking collection of the themes for which you don’t have to shell a penny, you need not worry about searching anywhere else.

While we were searching for the best themes for 2021, we got our hands on these superb themes!

And, we are so glad, we wished to share them with you as well!

If you ask for our personal recommendation, the top 3 would be the ones to go for!

1. Twenty Seventeen

Well, it’s 2021, but this theme is still going strong. Being the default WP theme since a long time ago, this has got a fanbase of its own. With the simple features and clear design, the theme has been very attractive for businesses.

You can also bring about change in the navigation bar, to make it more interactive. Make your brand more visible through the header image and this is what makes it pretty cool! Just a simple presentation, yet winning the hearts!

 2. Astra

With the personalization and the ease of activation and reactivation of the numerous modules, Astra is one of the best. Very simple, placid, and bright, it comes along with its own share of unique features like adaptability with the new-age page builders.

The ease of building the websites and then customize them as per your needs is what makes Astra one of the best themes to have!

 3. Ocean WP

 If you are from the school of minimalist design, this is your go-to theme! With the coolest responsiveness and adaptability across numerous page creators, Ocean WP is tailor-made for the royals!

Being quite similar to Astra in terms of designing, weight, and minimalism, you must now worry about the customization. Customization is the key to every theme, and Ocean WP doesn’t disappoint.

And, if you got an e-commerce website up your sleeve, this theme is our personal recommendation.

 4. Storefront

Being the default theme for WooCommerce, you might enjoy the simplicity of this theme! But, sadly that’s quite it!

With basic features loaded into the theme, it fits in well with the page builders. Glitch-free, light, and even cool to have.

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The only drawback is you might need to have a child theme, to make any customization on the StoreFront theme.

 5. Generate Press

How about having all the controls over the theme at your hand? Generate Press is more like Astra which comes along with a user-friendly theme with numerous controls to change the features of the theme.

In the free version, the features might not be as cool when compared with their peers. If you wish to check out some of the coolest features, don’t forget to subscribe to the premium version as well!

 6. Sydney

With more than 3 million downloads, this is one of the fanciest themes to have in your system. What makes it even better is the responsiveness of the design.

The in-built theme is highly responsive across devices starting from the font sizes to even the background colors.

This is why it has got the highest recommendation from Elementor.

Overall, a perfect WP theme to have in your kitty!

 7. ColorMag

If your website is loading off with huge content over time, this is the theme you must look for. Perfectly built for the websites that publish news and journals, the theme makes sure, your content is never hidden

You might tweak a bit with the layouts and configurations as well, to make your stuff look even cooler.

Is your niche not fitting into the design?

How about changing the layout design and making it look even more user-friendly?

Check out the coolest features with the wide palette of colors and the advanced font styles with dandy designs at your fingertips.

 8. Hestia

With more than 96% positive reviews about the theme, Hestia can be the theme that you have been looking for! The sleek, simple, and coolest theme, with the perfect amalgamation of technology with style, is a theme you must have!

What is more interesting is that the theme has been loved by the customers for a very long time now! Being recommended by major site creators like Elementor, you must give Hestia a try.

If your website is for official purposes or of any store, Hestia could be the coolest theme to have!

9. OnePress

Let us have something new, fresh, and unique on the plate of pixels. Shall we?

Is your content getting hidden amongst designs and widgets? Well, OnePress is the theme you should look for! With wide clarity in terms of the content, such that no eyeball must miss it, this single-page theme fits perfectly with your website!

Scoring 5 stars in terms of responsiveness, design, and customization, the theme is easy to edit, and even cooler to have on your website! Make sure you grab it soon!

 10. Neve

Looking forward to taking your website live soon? How about just a couple of clicks?

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That is how easy having the Neve theme on your website is. Making it to the list of most favorite WordPress themes within 2 months, the design is unique such that it’s modern, responsive, and has very less loading time.

With more than 20 free sites up for grabs, don’t miss out on buying the premium version to enjoy an excellent website at the best price!

Things you need to check before selecting a WordPress theme?

You must check the functionality of the theme. The theme is working fine on different PHP version or not. Other things you must check are the insight score and speed. Before selecting the theme finally.

Install it on WordPress sandbox and run all the tests. A slow theme can harm your website opening speed and performance. So, it will be hard to gain positions on SERP. So, before finalizing the right theme for your website consult with a reputed agency like Shout Digital.

Confused about selecting the right theme?

Well, it might often happen that with the smorgasbord of themes up your sleeve, you might be in tenterhooks about which is the right theme!

Well, if your website is more about news and has more importance to the content, we suggest going with the ColorMag theme.

If customization is your best friend, look no further than Astra! Being one of the best right now, Astra comes along with the coolest features, which update regularly as well!

Looking for something cool and just a couple of clicks away? Neve is the one for you!

Finally, just stuck on something sober, simple, and classic? Twenty Seventeen should be your choice!

Don’t wait much for selecting the right one! Since all the listed ones have had great customer reviews, trust us and select the best for your site, right away!

Team BR
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