The Basic Features of an Automated Onboarding Software

Getting hold of the best recruits is one of the primary focus of any business organization. After all, the future growth of the company largely depends on the efficiency and the potential of those new candidates.

Features of an Automated Onboarding Software

However, it’s one thing to discover new potentials, and harnessing those resources for the benefit of the company is another story.

Sadly, that is what the traditional onboarding system offers, at least in the present day context.

If there is one thing you want to avoid that can contribute majorly to the future decline in the company’s productive aspect, its letting go of the high-potential candidates due to your ineffective workplace system.

It is estimated that 86% of the new recruits in any business institution make their ultimate decision of either staying with the company or quitting it within the first 6 months of their working experience.

The failure of the traditional onboarding system has been clearly exposed in recent years, as studies have shown that the numbers of employees quitting their jobs have touched the peak magnitude.

So, is there a solution or an effective alternate system that can be implemented to curb down the rate of an employee quitting the job in your workplace?

Fortunately, Yes! The automated onboarding software has been precisely programmed and developed in order to counter all the demerit aspects of the traditional and inefficient onboarding system.

Here are some of the most basic services that the software provides –

1. Paperwork management

One of the most hectic and a rather annoying aspect of the traditional onboarding system is the magnitude of paperwork involved in carrying out the procedure.

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A good percentage of time required to conduct effective hiring and training seminar is wasted in trying to sort and manage the paperwork of every individual candidate.

However, with the automated onboarding software, the requirement of almost every manual paperwork process is replaced by the automatic electronic submission through the software.

This makes the entire system hassle-free and also saves your company a huge chunk of productive time

2. Legal Compliance

You can never be too sure when it comes to the legal compliance of the company. One small slip or error during the entire onboarding procedure can land the company on the wrong side of the law.

For example, an outdated form submission can quite easily stir up some unnecessary attention for the organization.

With the onboarding software, all the various legal requirements are updated at regular intervals keeping the company up-to-date with the latest security and legal regulations.

3. Real-time progress report

With the automated onboarding software, you do not just get the ideal assistance during the hiring/ training procedure, but it also keeps track of your company’s progress slope.

Instead of wasting all your employee’s resources on carrying out the exhausting surveys to determine the performance of your company, the software provides a detailed overview of the performance level.

You can make graphical or any other numerical representations in order to study the productive slope of the company.

4. Employee Self Service

The Employee Self Service feature is one of the primary aspects of onboarding software. Traditionally, if any of your employees suggests that they have to make some major alteration in their personal details provided initially, it would create a nightmare in the workplace.

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All the paperwork related to the employee would have to be manipulated as well. However, with the software, the process of making any changes to their personal details is just some mouse clicks away.

In addition to all that the software provides a platform for employees to view reports or share their project with the managers or fellow team members as well. In short, it keeps the employees engaged, and that produces a fruitful outcome for the company.

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