YouTube Introduces ‘Super Thanks’ Feature to Tip Video Creators


We have recently seen YouTube adding a slew of new and innovative features like clips, subscriber-only chats, and live polls. The features are meant to enable creators to improve their live streams.

‘Super Thanks’ Feature on YouTube

Super Thanks

Now, the Google-owned video streaming platform has introduced a new feature dubbed ‘Super Thanks’ to monetize the content of creators. The feature lets subscribers donate or offer money to creators as a tip. It can help creators make some extra bucks from their video content.

Youtube has announced this feature via its official blog. In the blog post, the company cited ‘Super Thanks’  as an expansion of the platform’s ‘Super’ monetization features.

YouTube’s Super Chat and the Super Stickers features let fans and viewers sending money to their favorite creators during their live streams and premieres. The Super Thanks feature is the latest entry in the league. It enables fans and viewers to buy Super Thanks on YouTube and gift their favorite YouTubers for any of their existing videos on their channels.

How to Turn On Super Thanks?

The ‘Super Thanks’ feature is currently available to eligible creators in the YouTube studio. Creators who are already in the YouTube partner program can access this feature.  The creator can turn the feature on or off from a new “Supers” tab under the Monetization option in YouTube Studio.

Super Thanks Icon and Pricing

Super Thanks

If you are on the video of an eligible creator who has turned on the feature, you will see a new dollar-inside-a-heart glyph under YouTube videos. Upon tapping, the icon will take you to the Super Thanks purchasing page. Here you can buy Super Thanks to your favorite content creators. Currently, you can tip from $2 to $50 in the US or Rs. 40 to Rs. 1,000 in India.

The feature is a double bonanza for the creators. Not only it gives them a chance to engage with their super fans but also a way to increase their earnings manyfold.

Super Thanks Availability

As of now, the YouTube Super Thanks feature is available to thousands of eligible creators in more than 68 countries. Users can see it on both the web platform as well as mobile apps (Android and iOS). The feature will be available to every YouTube creator later this year.

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