YouTube Plans Strict Action Against Fake YouTube Views


YouTube, the topmost video streaming site owned by Google has warned its users to refrain from buying fake views to pretend their videos popular.  Google told users that a massive crackdown has already begun to audit the video views. If Google detects anything suspicious in terms of video views, the search engine giant won’t hesitate to reduce the number of views or even delete the videos. YouTube’s T&C page clearly states the policy against the ‘purchased views.’

Google software engineer Philipp Pfeiffenberger said in a recent blog post the following:

youtube views

Technocrats from YouTube said that there are companies selling YouTube views, likes and comments. Some of the companies even offer the choice of which region the views should appear to come from. The same thing once happened with review company Yelp when it discovered that business owners have themselves posted the positive reviews about their company.

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(YouTube Plans Strict Action Against Fake YouTube Views )

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