YouTube for Web Gets Picture-in-picture Feature Soon

Google’s video streaming site YouTube is now testing a picture-in-picture type function for desktop users. A report published in 9to5Google suggested that the feature that’s already available for Android and iOS users would allow users to minimize and watch a video while continuing to browse.

YouTube is testing picture-in-picture mode for Desktop

Once the feature goes live, a user can simultaneously play the video and browse the web. While video is playing, user can click anywhere on YouTube to navigate away. Video / audio will keep playing in minimized mode as floating window in the bottom-right corner of your screen.

Even in the floating video mode, all major controls will still be available including play / pause, replay, and the ability to watch the next clip. The name of the playing video will still be displayed underneath, and a small icon in the bottom-right corner will give user allows access to full playlists.

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It’s yet to see if this feature is just for testing with a select group of users or the company will be rolling this out across all accounts. It’s worth waiting to see if picture-in-picture mode is being tested for YouTube Red subscribers or will be implemented widely at all.

In all the aspects it’s being made available, it would be a great way to make browsing tunes on the platform a more seamless experience.