YouTube Live Brings Automatic Captions and Chat Replay Features

Google’s video streaming site YouTube announced a slew of improvements to its YouTube Live app. These enhancements are meant to improve the live streaming experience for both creators and viewers.

YouTube Live Automatic Captions and Chat Replay Features

Among others, the most notable change is the ability to play back a live chat after the live stream ends, and the launch of live automatic captions on videos.

Automatic Captions are nothing new to YouTube. The company started offering this feature back in 2009. Now, it’s been added to the app with further enhancements. Thanks to the gradual evolution in speech recognition technology that helps YouTube arriving with a feature like this.

Credit: Techcrunch

YouTube uses its live automatic speech recognition (LASR) technology to serve captions on live streams. Technically, LASR-powered captions aren’t up to the mark, yet error and latency rates are quite admissible. With automatic captioning available, YouTube appears to be the first major video platforms to offer this feature.

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The company sources said that the feature will be fully rolled out in coming weeks and more improvements will be brought to enhance latency and accuracy of the captions.

Credit: Techcrunch

Another new addition would be the option to play back a live chat when a video wraps. It will give you a feeling like watching a live stream, even if the stream has ended.

Moreover, YouTube Live brings a new feature for creators to allow them add a location tag to their mobile live streams and video uploads. When clicked, viewers can explore other videos recorded at that same location. The feature is similar to one that its arch rivals Periscope, Facebook and Instagram already have. The feature allows users to surface videos by location.

YouTube Live Automatic Captions Chat Replay Features

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