YouTube Adds A Blur Feature To Hide Sensitive Information From Videos


YouTube has just announced a custom blurring tool to let video creators blur any object or sensitive information in the video right within the YouTube interface. The feature can be used to hide phone numbers, vehicle’s number plate or a wardrobe malfunction bite in video among others.

It’s worth noting that YouTube had launched a similar feature in 2012, but that was limited to blur the human faces in a video. This new blurring tool is fit for hiding anything that you feel sensitive or confidential. The tool is easy to use. All a user need to do is do is draw a square around an object that you want to blur and the software will automatically do it for you.

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The blur will persist even as the object moves around. You can select ‘Lock’  to fix the object in place if you want that blur to remain stationary throughout the clip.

YouTube Adds A Blur Feature

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