Meet Xiaomi MI 9, First Snapdragon 8150 SOC Powered Smartphone

Chinese handset maker Xiaomi is all set to hit the Chinese phone segment with Xiaomi MI 9 sometime in the first half of 2019 with a massive feature list possible.

Xiaomi MI 9 with Snapdragon 8150 SOC

Xiaomi MI 9 with Snapdragon 8150 SOC

There are reports coming that suggest the Xiaomi MI 9 may arrive with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8150 SoC. In addition, it’s also being said that the phone Xiaomi MI 9 may have a triple-camera setup at the back. One of which will be a 48 MP Sony IMX586 image sensor.

Moreover, the phone is said to be coming with the Snapdragon 8150 in 6GB, 8GB and 10 GB RAM variants. Other renders made around the phone also revealed that phone may also feature an in-display fingerprint sensor, support for wireless charging and dust and moisture protection.

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Please note that these the news related to the leaked specifications, the estimated timeline of launch, or the expected chipset haven’t been substantiated yet by Xiaomi. Stay tuned for more on the release.

Xiaomi MI 9 with Snapdragon 8150 SOC

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