Xiaomi Mi 7: A 6-inch Snapdragon 845 Monster Set to Arrive in 2018

Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone giant appears to be getting prepared for 2018 bash. There are unconfirmed reports from media outlets that Xiaomi is all set to launch its next flagship dubbed Xiaomi Mi 7 sometimes around 2018.

Xiaomi Mi 7 to Launch in 2018 at $450

Reports emerged from a tech tabloid tipped some of the most important specs of the company’s 2018 flagship. Though, we can’t substantiate the claims made by the tabloid, some of its specs coincide with rumors that emerged earlier this year.

Xiaomi Mi 7

The phone happens to be the next member of the Mi series with an all-screen design. We already have guessed that Xiaomi’s next flagship could imitate the design of its most popular gigantic devices Mi Mix and Mi Mix 2.

As per the reports, Xiaomi Mi 7 might flaunt an impressive design regime with traditional positioning of the front camera. It’s in direct contradiction with Mi Mix and Mi Mix 2 that were released with front camera on its lower bezel.

Xiaomi Mi 7 Display and Biometric Authentication:

The major makeshift that we could see in the device would be in the display. The Mi 7 is expected to have a 6-inch Samsung-made AMOLED screen with an ‘18:9 aspect ratio’. If compared with 5.2-inch 16:9 Full HD IPS panel on the Mi 6, it appears to be a bigger change that company has made in one of its upcoming devices.

Xiaomi Mi 7

And if we are at our guessing, the phone will have fingerprint scanner positioned at the back of the device. It’s also being rumored that Xiaomi could also go Apple way and may bring 3D face recognition technology and a similar form of biometric authentication on some of its future devices. But we aren’t sure if Xiaomi could copy these iPhone X features to Xiaomi Mi 7.

Xiaomi Mi 7 Performance and camera

The Xiaomi Mi 7 is rumored to come packed with Snapdragon 845 and coupled with 6GB of RAM. This is what makes the device a power beast. What’s disappointing is that there would be no change in battery that means the phone would be coming with 3,350 mAh capacity of the Mi 6.  On camera front, Xiaomi Mi 7 may reportedly have dual 16MP sensors, with one of them having an aperture size of F/1.7.

Xiaomi Redmi 7 Pricing:

The device Xiaomi Mi 7 would be launched in China at CNY 2,699 in China that roughly translates to INR 25, 000. Stay tuned for more on the device, its specifications and launch date.

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