Xiaomi To Launch Xiaomi Arch, A Dual Curved-Edge Display Smartphone

Xiaomi, the China based smartphone maker has always known as ‘Chinese Apple’. There are reasons behind it. Xiaomi has done all that Apple usually did so far in terms of phone features, promotion and selling. Now, Xiaomi probably seems inspired by Samsung. The company is all set to launch a brand new smartphone Xiaomi Arch, which will be very similar in looks to Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.

The pictures of the upcoming phone were revealed in a technology magazine GizmoChina. The phone will be a curved-edge smartphone.  The device will display notifications on the curved side, similar to the Galaxy Note Edge. The only difference is that Arch has two curves and Galaxy edge has only one.

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As seen in the picture, the device is available with capacitive buttons on the bottom and shortcuts on the both curved edges. GizmoChina elaborates that there are chances that the design will never be materialized since such designs are expensive to manufacture. This is the basic reason if you think why Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is too costly and available in limited edition.

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