Xiaomi Appoints Jai Mani As Project Manager Lead In India

Chinese cellphone giant Xiaomi, the makers of blockbuster Mi3 and Redmi1s has appointed Jai Mani, an ex-guy from Google as project manager lead in India. The appointment is observed as Xiaomi’s attempt to capture the third biggest smartphone market.

Xiaomi’s VP of international operations Hugo Barra posted the news in his Facebook and Google+ accounts.

“Android fans: you’ll remember Jai from his memorable on-stage demo performances at Google I/O and Nexus launches.”

Barra too is an ex-employee from Google as well. He told that Mani has moved to Bangalore from San Francisco. Mani’s LinkedIn profile mentions him as a Google Play Strategy and Analytics associate previously. Xiaomi, which sells its flagship smartphones through e-commerce biggie Flipkart, is planning to get hold of the Indian market. Officials from the company told that Xiaomi is keenly interested to invest good fortune into the Indian smartphone market and build a team to manage the operations.

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Story: Xiaomi Appoints Jai Mani As Project Manager

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