Google And Bing To Bring World Cup Cricket Match Updates On Smartphone

As the cricket fever is gripping sport freaks around the world, search engine giants Google and Bing have plans to bring the magic of matches direct to your phone. Both the search engines are planning to give subscribers latest updates on teams, match schedules and live scores in their mobile’s web browser.

If you’re using Window 10 based Smartphone, install Microsoft’s Cortana on your phone. It will send you alerts on the upcoming matches you might love to watch. The alerts will be based on the teams you add in your interest list.

The Cortana will also give you predictions on the match outcome on your request. Cortana had already predicted the winner teams in 15 knockout matches out of 16 in Last FIFA world cup. So, there is good chance that it can predict winner of your favorite cricket fights too.

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Besides Bing, Google has tied up with ESPN to offer quick user updates and match highlights via Now cards on Android devices. To activate this feature on your phone, you need to download the ESPN Cricinfo app.

Google+ users can also upload a picture of themselves with up to 4 friends on Google+ using hashtag #PaintIndia. If you’re a fan of any other team, replace ‘India’ with your country name and refresh the page to see their faces painted with their respective country flag.


– World Cup Cricket Match Updates On Smartphone

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