Windows 10: A New Breakthrough, or New Disappointment?

The last version of Windows was released in 2012, the news that Windows 10 was on the way and would be so easy to upgrade to felt like a trick.

Remember Windows 8? It was confusing, cumbersome, and lacked a startup menu. Thankfully these issues have been fixed in Windows 10.

Any computer with Windows 7, or 8.1 is eligible to upgrade to Window 10, and the upgrade itself is a breeze, and totally free.

A window pops up asking you to upgrade and you say “Sure!” and click the button. The process takes about an hour and is so simple you don’t need to be around while it upgrades.

Once your computer has upgraded, you’ll be happy to see an old familiar friend; the startup menu. On the same note, the start screen from Windows 8 has been combined with older forms of Windows. In this way, Microsoft didn’t quite take us back to the stone age of Vista, but has given us an updated, much more user friendly Windows platform.

Overall, the UI layout is quite customizable and user friendly. Users have the option of changing the colors on the startup, as well as the options, allowing you to access what you want as quickly as you want.

The issues users had when going between their laptops, tablets, and desktop computers in Windows 8 have been rectified, thank goodness. Everything feels very friendly, easy, and personalized, no matter the device.

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If the built in search bar wasn’t enough to simplify your life, those with Android or Apple phones might be delighted to meet another new feature of Windows 10 named Cortana.

Located in the toolbar at the bottom of your screen, Cortana will listen to your voice and search the web, type, and open programs. She even knows your name.

Goodbye, Google Voice and Siri, Cortana is the new hot thing in town. If you’d like to change Cortana’s voice, you’ll have to change your region and give her a British accent.

Unfortunately, there is no male Cortana, but her usefulness outweighs the lack of male vocals. If Microsoft had brought Sam back, it would be gold.

Aside from minor driver issues that will take some time to iron out, Microsoft 10 has one glaring issue. The way Microsoft tracks your data, and what they’re doing with it. Though you can opt out, all users are automatically opted in.

What data are they collecting, and why? Just your emails, the sites you visit, and what you’re doing in general. Fear not, Windows user, Microsoft states they’re only keeping tabs on these things to ensure your safety, from spammers.

They’re also making sure you’re not committing any intellectual property theft. In the event they find such property theft on your computer, they’ll just hand your information over to the authorities. No worries to have at all! I’d recommend opting out, even if you’re not doing anything unsavory. It just feels weird.

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All in all, Microsoft hasn’t changed the world with Windows 10. They have done a lot of great things, like introducing us to Cortana, fixing the start menu, creating an interface that old and new users alike can understand and enjoy, and making the upgrade process incredibly easy.

Is it a gift from the Tech Gods? Not really, but it certainly isn’t a curse. While it’s great, I wouldn’t go running off to upgrade every computer on the planet to it. If you’re ready for a bit of a change, do it. Just don’t expect it to change your life.

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Nicholas Johnson
Nicholas Johnson
November 7, 2019 3:48 pm

I appreciate your informative blog that has windows 10 important information. But I had a problem that when I wanted to install iTunes in my windows 10 at that time itunes wont installproperly.

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