5 Reasons Why Spa and Salons Needs a Better Marketing Software

# Last Updated On: April 3, 2020 #

Today, everything is expected to deliver as soon as possible. Many people at present want instant package delivery, instant messaging, instant everything. If a business wants to be sustainable and continue to thrive, then they must answer to that need.

Why Spa and Salons Marketing Software is Required?

Spas and salons need to keep innovating to be able to retain and increase their customer base. That is why there is a growing need to install better marketing software to be able to keep up with the market.

A good marketing software must be able to answer the needs of consumers. It must be able to answer the need for a faster booking system, a more seamless way to communicate with the spa, and a more convenient way of receiving messages from the spa or salon.

Aside from that, good marketing software for spas or salons must also answer the needs of a business owner. It must be able to make day-to-day operations smoother. It must gain and satisfy clients. It must also be easy to use.

If you have decent marketing software, then this is possible to do. However, a lot of business may not be making use of the convenience and benefits that marketing software can bring.

Plenty of businesses can be afraid of change. They like to stick to the traditional way of people making phone calls or visiting the company itself to book an appointment. This method is incredibly inconvenient for the average client. That is why spas and salons need better marketing software.

If one is still hesitant about using a marketing software, then read on below. Below is a list of 5 reasons why you, a spa or salon business owner, need to keep up with the times and install better marketing software.

1. Convenience for Both Ends

Marketing software is a convenience for you and your clients. It makes it easier for them to interact with your business. Plus, it makes it easier for you as a business owner to contact and market to your customers.

Online booking

Everybody nowadays wants to do everything online. Nobody wants to use a phone call because there is no guarantee that their needs will be entertained. That is why an online booking system is essential which is included in marketing software.

With an online booking system, your staff can set their current appointments which will be tracked in real time. The customers can view the calendar of bookings and availabilities online and be able to book an appointment online.

Customers can book an appointment with you from anywhere without needing to contact one of your personnel. They can go to your site or your Facebook page and book there. It is made easy as pie with marketing software.

Appointment Reminders

The other convenience that a marketing software provides for your spa is that it can notify your clients of upcoming appointments. It can remind them that they have currently booked an appointment with your salon.

When your customers are reminded of their appointments, it also saves money for you. This significantly reduces the instances of missed appointments. Should the customer ever have to cancel, at least you will be notified beforehand instead of on the day itself?

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Good Scheduling

Marketing software also helps automate the scheduling of appointments and treatments. It can calculate how long the procedure takes and how long the wait is. That is a good reference for both staff and clients.

This will enable you to lessen the number of overbooking incidences. Aside from that, it can track the schedule of the specialists or specific rooms in your spa or salon. This way, customers know when to book and the availability of their preferred specialist or the treatment that they need.

2. Build Better Relationships With Clients

Your business should revolve not only on profit but also on the happiness of your clients. With marketing software, you can spend more time focusing your energy into figuring out ways to have better relationships with clients.

Happy Customers are Repeat Customers

A great business owner knows how to keep customers satisfied. If you have a customer leaving your home satisfied, then they are more likely to return to your business. Customer retention levels will increase.

Making the process of relaxation through your spa or salon convenient is a big plus already. That is what you can achieve with marketing software. The rest is up to your staff and you to do.

As reference, you can create surveys and a review system with a marketing software. You can automate it to notify you of the negative feedback that you’ve received from a client.

You will also know which aspects of your business you can improve on therefore developing a better experience in the future for them.

Announce Promotions

A spa marketing software can notify your clients through various means about deals in your spa or salon. They can send text blasts to your clientele to tell them if you have deals or promotions on a future date.

Which can create lots of traffic and buzz around your spa, and everybody loves a good deal. If you market to a previous customer and give them a discount too, then the possibility of them returning to your spa is improved.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are a marketing tactic that banks on the long-term relationship with you and your client. These programs reward your customers for being frequent supporters of your business.

This is a good idea to keep them coming back. Plus, it will always make customers feel special when they are engaged in your business in any form.

3. Better Marketing Channel

A marketing software for your spa or salon business is a better marketing channel for you. It is because it automatically works with the data you have on your clients and you can use the data to optimize your service.

Social Media

You can use your spa marketing software with your social media accounts for a more united marketing focus. When you connect your social media account to your marketing software, you can do many things.

For one, you can consolidate your social media posts with marketing software. Also, you can track reviews from multiple channels and assess how well your business is doing. You can easily grow an online presence with marketing software.

Email Marketing

Aside from social media marketing, you can also market through your customer’s email. You can announce promos through email to your customers. This is a great tactic to use so you can gain the customers who don’t follow you on social media.

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Other more advanced features will let you know if your customers have opened your email. There is a lot you can do when marketing via email.

4. Expand Your Market Reach

Aside from marketing to your current clients, marketing software can help you expand your audience reach. It won’t even take you too long to do so. There are many ways that good marketing software can expand your market reach.

Gain New Clients

Once you’ve got yourself a solid list of recurring clientele, you can shift your focus into expanding further. There are multiple ways you can gain new clients.

You can set up a promotion or discount for first-time clients when they book an appointment with you. This will make it more enticing to go to your salon.

There is also another way to entice new clients. It’s by making use of your current customers.

Refer a Friend

You can set up a referral program and target your current clients. With marketing software, you can focus your existing customers and give them discounts for referring a friend.

You can do this via referral links either through your website, social media or even through emails. You can then track who has clicked a referral link and strategize accordingly.

5. Increase Profitability

Once you’ve got everything down from marketing to customer retention, the profit will come in by itself. Customers will pay more for a service that gives them good experiences. It is merely your job to make them satisfied.

You can monitor your daily expenses on your marketing software as well. Make the tracking of budget easier by categorizing your costs in the software as well.

All-in-all, there are a lot of benefits to having a marketing software in your spa or salon business. With an increasingly competitive market, it is essential that we do our best to stand out from the rest.

Marketing software can help your salon and spa move and operate better. At the same time, it can also satisfy a lot of the needs of your clients. There are plenty that a spa or salon business owner can get from such a simple thing as marketing software, and it is easy to do as well!

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