Why Should You Choose New Payroll Software?


Payroll processing is a major part of any business in any industry, but that also makes it one of the most important elements to keep updating and improving. At some point, you will have to move on to a new set of payroll software – but why should you upgrade rather than just stick with what you already have?

Software Improvements

The most obvious reason to go for new payroll software is for general improvements to the software itself. Sometimes switching to a new paystub maker or document filing system can bring direct benefits, allowing you to build a better and more consistent payroll structure over time.

There is also the fact that many tools are only designed for specific purposes and that your priorities will change as your business grows. Improving the software you use to match your current goals and needs can make a huge difference, so it is always a good idea to review what you are currently using.

Larger Scope

As your business grows, so should your tools. While something like a paystub generator can generate a pay stub the same way at any scale, there will be a lot of software that works best at a specific scale, and some are only suitable for smaller businesses.

This means that there will eventually come a point where you need to upgrade if only to get better functionality on the scale that you are dealing with. This becomes important in companies that require a lot of employees since more employees mean more payslips to produce and manage.


In a lot of cases, programs and apps just need to be suitable for your business. This could be down to scope or features, but it might even just be things like complexity or the amount of time they actually save. If some payroll software is not really helping, you might as well replace it.

For example, a bad paystub maker might not allow you to make paystubs any faster than if you did it manually. Replacing it with a new check stub generator that allows you to create a paystub quickly is always going to be a better option since it saves a lot of time.


Remember that employees still need to interact with these systems and that not all of them will be meant for an employee to tackle without training. If a tool relies on an employee having a lot of experience in managing payroll software, it can become hard for inexperienced new hires to use it effectively.

This becomes a major problem for startup companies since you might not have a financial expert on hand and will not necessarily have the money to hire one. Outsourcing can work, but many companies prefer to avoid that unless it becomes necessary.

When this happens, you might have to pull back on the amount of complex software you use and start with something straightforward, then build up from there. The best payroll software for startups is sometimes the software that is easiest to learn

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