5 Reasons Online Presence Is Essential For Businesses

In this digital age, it is vitally essential for your business to have its own online presence. No matter if it’s a website, social media page, e-commerce platform or a mixture of all three, then getting your company online is sure to reap huge benefits.

Why Online Presence is Essential?

Online Presence Is Essential

Even if your business does not conduct any of its business online, potential customers and clients are still expecting to find and see your presence online. If they don’t, then it could be that you will lose out on the opportunity to increase your customer base and to spread the word about your business.

Making The Most Of Digital Channels

It goes without saying that in order to develop an online presence, you have to be present on multiple digital channels. But, in spite of this, a large number of businesses still entirely rely on the more traditional means of marketing.

Most of these companies lack websites, mobile apps and social media channels and a recent study showed that around 29% of businesses still operate without having a website in place. This number is expected to decrease to around 8%.

Those who find themselves digitally deprived cite a number of different reasons for their slow uptake of creating a brand website or social media accounts. The most common reason? The business is doing well without it, so why mix things up?

Well, there is a rather significant distinction between just getting by and having a booming business which many business owners forget, often because they have forgotten or simply don’t know how to thrive.

Creating a digital presence is likely to be the key to experiencing a feeling of a business which is thriving, but it isn’t enough to just be present online. You must also be active.

No one is going to want to follow a social media account which hasn’t been updated in months, or visit a website which has no regularly updated content or an old, glitchy design. You must invest the time into your social presence if you are wanting to build a successful digital presence.

Optimised For Local Searches

Since the rise of mobiles, local searches have increased dramatically. One-third of all mobile searches are related to location-specific queries, so in order to monetise on these queries, you must correctly optimise your business’s presence to suit local searches.

It’s best to start simple by building business directories. Whilst you don’t need to spend hours inputting your business information on each and every business directory you find, you should spend time finding quality sites which matter and have a direct impact on your local search result.

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Sites such as YellowPages, Google My Business and Yelp are all good websites to start with. Then, you must find the directories and business indexes which are tailored toward your business niche, for example, if you are a construction company then you should list your business on the appropriate directories.

You mustn’t overlook video content either. YouTube is the second most popular search engine, after Google, so by applying basic SEO strategies, such as geotagging in videos and using keywords in the titles, then you will be making it easier for search engines to associate your store location with your potential customer’s needs.

Make It Easier For Customers To Come To You

If someone is wanting to find more information on a company, then it is likely that they will do their research online. No matter if they’re looking for your business or they just want to find a company which offers the same products and services that you do, then having an online presence is likely to give you a competitive edge.

New, potential customers are unlikely to put extended effort into finding you and they shouldn’t really have to. A simple Google search should bring up all the information which they seek, whether it be your business website or social media pages.

Easier To Market Your Business

Social media platforms and websites are excellent marketing tools and often go unappreciated by many brands. They are some of the most cost-effective marketing methods and can distribute information to thousands of potential customers.

Online marketing methods are extremely important for all businesses, no matter their size, as they have a huge impact on the way in which consumers make their decisions.

Modern consumers have previously indicated that they tend to look upon a business in a negative light if they are unable to find them online, which only highlights the importance of having a marketing strategy in place.

Using the internet to make the most out of marketing purposes means that you can overcome any location barriers between your business and your customers.

Those who are thousands of miles away can learn more about your business with just a few taps of their keyboards and, thanks to the sharability nature of social media, your customers can easily spread the word about businesses they find to their peers.

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Ultimately, investing in online marketing gives you a huge opportunity in marketing your business in new, creative and exciting ways. If you want to branch out into sponsored adverts or pay per click advertising to further boost your business, then get in touch with a reputable PPC agency who can help you set out a strategy.

Be Better Than Your Competition

The well-known saying “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” is especially true in the digital age. You must study and get to know your competitors, especially when it comes to their online efforts, closely.

Get to know who’s who in your speciality and, if you’re only just bringing your business into the digital age, you have a lot of catching up to do. The road to building an online presence can be hard and is often done with very little help, so by studying your competitors and getting to know their digital efforts, you can learn what may benefit your business.

You can see what SEO keywords are most frequently used or which featured rich snippets are commonly applied. You can also see which social media platforms are the most popular in your industry, why and how customers interact with other like-minded businesses.

As well as this, you’ll also see what type of engagement works best with your potential customers. All of this isn’t just about copying what your competitors do, but also how to analyse their ongoing efforts to get your own big wins.

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