Why Has Work Experience Abroad Become So Popular?

Gaining solid work experience is so important these days. Not only does it boost your CV, but it also prepared you mentally for life in the work place.

It allows you to gain an incite what the day-to-day life inside a certain role will actually be like – meaning you can decide in advance whether or not the role is suitable for you.

Work Experience Abroad

So why not combine your work experience with a holiday? It’s becoming more and more popular in recent years for people to take up work experience abroad. Aside the obvious (it’s a vacation?), here are the top 3 reasons work experience abroad is getting more and more popular…

Immerse yourself in a Foreign culture

Moving abroad for work experience will allow you to experience a wholly new way of life. You’ll be able to meet new people, try new foods and experience a new culture.

Many young people opt for work experience abroad to soak up the culture and learn from it. As well as having a new culture, they will have new places to visit and even possibly a new language to learn…

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Develop your Language Skills

For many people studying abroad is anopportunity to develop their language skills, both through studying in a second language or simply by practicing the language spoken locally.

Having another language not only looks fab on your cv, it also improves your communication skills and ability to be able to travel alone more freely and safely. What better way to learn and grow your language skills?

Forging a successful career away from home

Gaining work experience in a new country can open up career opportunities that people may not have thought of. Building up a network in a new location can have advantages to your present or future career.

If you’re plan for the future is to work abroad permanently, gaining some experience first is the perfect place to start.

Make friends around the world

Who doesn’t want to have friends dotted around the world that they can visit?! If you take full advantage of work experience aboard, you can establish lasting friendships with people based in many different countries – great for future trips, and also a good foundation for an international professional network!

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As well as all of these fab advantages, gaining experience abroad can make you look independent, head strong, and eager to learn – all things that look good on someone’s CV!