Matt Cutts Answers When Older Websites Stop Ranking Well

I don’t know whether or not this is the Panda impact but I smelt that those age old websites that always ranked well suddenly stopped raking and now completely vanished from the scene. If this is the same question running across your senses since long, Matt Cutts has the answer for this. In a recent video launched he cleared the air why an old site that always did well in search results is now losing the charm.

The Question: “How can an older site maintain its ranking over time?”

Answer by Matt Cutts on When Older Websites Stop Ranking Well:  

Google observes that some decade old websites that have been ranked fairly well don’t update their content and other stuff. They obviously take the things for granted. They seem reluctant to add fresh content, change graphics and images and hardly think to develop an engagement quotient. On the contrary the newest websites on the podium has been emerging well-equipped and fully prepared. They are offering users all they aspire to have such as an eye catching website, rich and engaging content, expressive graphics and bunch of new ideas. This is why customers are more interested in new sites rather browsing the old ones. Google as well acts in the same manner. If you fail to improve your website as per industry norms and standards, Google is no more curious to see your decade old established and well-to-do site ranking well.

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