WhatsApp View Once Feature is Ready to Roll for iOS Users

Facebook-owned cross-platform messaging app Whatsapp messaging has brought a new ‘view once’ feature for its iOS users. The feature allows users on the iOS platform to send photos and videos that the recipient can view only once.

WhatsApp View Once Feature is Here

The feature is now available with the latest version of WhatsApp. You can download it from the App store now.

Users have also noticed a change in the style of in-app message notifications. The feature ‘View Once’ was under testing and is now being rolled out for a select group of users. The feature lets images and videos disappear as soon the recipient opens and views them. However, one can take a screenshot of the content for the record.

The company has started rolling out the ‘view once’ messaging feature for Indian WhatsApp users using WhatsApp version 2.21.150.

Once this feature will be available to you, you can enable the disappearing of the photo or video before sending them to your contacts. You can do it by tapping the new ‘1′ icon that appears next to the caption bar.

The photos and videos that you share using the ‘view once’ feature disappear once the recipient exits the media viewer. Neither this media content is saved in the recipient’s phone gallery nor the recipient can forward them through the app.

However, the recipient can take a screenshot of this media content using any screenshot app on the phone. The testing of the feature started back in September 2020.

In June this year, the feature entered the beta testing phase for both Android and iOS devices. Some users also found this feature available on WhatsApp Web.

In addition to the View Once, WhatsApp has also announced a new style of in-app message notifications. It will ensure a more organized and clutter-free notification experience for the users.

If reports are to be believed, new features will roll out over the coming weeks.

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