WhatsApp Set To Add Two Factor Authentication, 70 New Emojis And QR Codes

It seems WhatsApp is on a spree to add more features every day on its most popular messaging platform. Just a couple of days after adding a new ‘FixedSys’ font for iOS and Android users, the is set to enable sharing all kind of files, public invitations links and QR codes for WhatsApp groups.

WhatsApp will also include the newly introduced 70 emojis to its platform submitted by Unicode Consortium last month.

WhatsApp two factor authentication

The most important addition will be on security front. WhatsApp will introduce a two-factor authentication which will work through e-mail and you can also change the recovery email using WhatsApp web. Now users can change the WhatsApp chat background with solid colors.  This feature is now available for WhatsApp Web users.

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As we have reported recently, ‘mention’ feature for WhatsApp is also on the way. Other key features that may be coming to the WhatsApp are:

  • Options to connect to Google
  • Google Plus and Facebook and
  • Video calling
  • Integrated browser to browse the link within WhatsApp
  • Call recorder to record audio calls
  • A new profile section with NFC integration to exchange contact details

The codes written for these feature were spotted by tipsters, though, chances of these features to be inducted in the latest feature list are not very bright. Let’s see what comes next.

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