WhatsApp Delete for Everyone Goes Live for Every One, With Limitations

(Last Updated On: April 2, 2020)

WhatsApp’s most anticipated feature ‘Delete for Everyone’ is now available to all WhatsApp users in India. To get the feature, you’re not required to update the WhatsApp version you’re using.

WhatsApp Delete for Everyone Goes Live

To recall, the WhatsApp Delete for Everyone allows users to recall a message (delete the message) both from sender’s and recipient’s end.  The feature comes handy in situations when you send a text and later regret. It’s also helpful when a message accidentally reaches to someone it was indented to.

However, the WhatsApp Delete for Everyone Feature works only if the message has been deleted within 7 minutes of sending it. If you try to delete a message after 7 minutes window offered, the option ‘delete for everyone’ won’t appear.  In that case you only will be able to delete the message from your chat Window.

WhatsApp Delete for Everyone

How WhatsApp Delete for Everyone Works ?

1. Select the message or multiple messages that you want to delete. It’s worth noticing that the messages must have been sent in last seven minutes.

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2. Once you select the message (s) to be deleted, tap on the round bin icon given on the top of the chat window.

3. Now three options will be appeared to you:

Cancel:  to send you back to the chat window;

Delete for me: to delete the message from your phone;

Delete for everyone: to delete the message from everyone’s phone.

WhatsApp Delete for Everyone

If a message that you’ve just received is deleted by the sender, you’ll see a text “This message was deleted” in grey text. If you have deleted a message you sent to recipient, then you will see “You deleted the message“.

As we stated before the WhatsApp Delete for Everyone feature won’t work for the messages that have been forwarded or exceeded the 7 minutes of maximum time cap allowed.

Genelia Timothi
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