WhatsApp’s New Privacy Settings- Hide About, Last Seen and Profile Photos

Meta has rolled out new changes to privacy settings for WhatsApp to allow users to have more control over their privacy.  These privacy settings are especially about users’ last seen, about, and profile photo on Whatsapp.

 The company hinted about the feature last year. It was first rolled out to beta testers and now the feature is made available to the end-users. Recently, the company has added a feature on the platform that allows transferring chats from a smartphone running Android to an iPhone.

WhatsApp took Twitter to announce these privacy settings changes introduced for last seen, about, and profile photo sections. The setting will allow users to hide some or all of the profile settings from specific contacts from their address book. 

A detailed FAQ section has been updated on the WhatsApp website to elaborate on the new Privacy settings feature for the users. 

So far, users on Android and iOS had three options ‘Everyone’, ‘My Contacts’, and ‘Nobody’ under the privacy settings for About, Last Seen, and Profile Photo. Now, they will have another option ‘My Contacts Except’ to select a few contacts from their address book and hide parts of their profile from them.  

These granular privacy control features are handy in case you have added some contacts to your address book but don’t want to share your personal information with them. Earlier you had to remove a person from your address book, block him or set their visibility setting to ‘Nobody’ to stop him/her from viewing your profile photo, last seen, and about.  The new privacy setting will allow you to do it without doing that much effort. 

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