WhatsApp Beta for Windows Brings Live Location and Group Search  

Facebook owned WhatsApp brings a slew of noteworthy features for its Windows phone mobile App. The first feature with WhatsApp version 2.18.30 is Live Location that lets users share their location with others for a set period of time.

WhatsApp Beta for Windows Gets Live Location and Group Search

To utilize this feature, you need to go to chat and tap on Location. Here, you can set the amount of time that you want WhatsApp to allow others to know where you are.

You will get here three settings to choose from, 15-minutes, 1-hour or 8-hours. In case you want to stop showing Live Location, just click on the “Stop” button. To note, the new feature is accurate to 5 miles.

Furthermore, WhatsApp beta for Windows gets for its users a search function in Group Info. With the feature in place, WhatsApp users can search for the group members instantly. Alongside, users can also delete group messages that they’ve sent, as long as it’s done within 68 minutes and 16 seconds from the time the message was originally sent.

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Moreover, WhatsApp users on Windows phone app can now download a comprehensive report of the data in their WhatsApp account using My Data feature. Submit your data download report request to WhatsApp. It can take up to 20 days to receive the report. After you download the report, it will be removed from the WhatsApp server.

WhatsApp Beta for Windows Gets Live Location Feature

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