What’s with the buzz about On Demand Solutions?

This world is an “on-demand” world. Everything we do today is pretty much done instantly. We like to consume on demand, travel on demand, and we look for an on demand solution for even entertainment. The thing is, consumers today are extremely impatient. They want what they want, when they want it.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the “on demand” business is the most “in demand” in demand industry. As the world is going towards app based businesses everything that we do or need can be handled through an app. Whether you demand a dog walker or a car washer, whether it is a doctor you need or a house cleaner, everything can be hired and booked through an application.


People like things just the way you want it. So, it hurts when someone is looking for their favorite brand and can’t find it. Sometimes people want some things customized to their particular requirements and not settle for something that everyone has. By creating an on demand industry that offers variety and customizations, you are sure to be a raging success. Always remember, there are other people offering what you are offering. You just need to be better at it.

Instantly means NOW

It took some time for people to buy things online because no one likes to wait for the things that they buy. If I buy a t shirt, I want it now. Not tomorrow, not next week and definitely not next month. We want it right now because there’s a party to head to. This is where on demand services have been able to create a big mark. Just think about a taxi app. This is the best example of how instant services work. The moment someone needs a taxi, they can pull out their mobile apps and book a ride. The taxi reaches them in a matter of minutes.

What is the scope of on demand solutions?

When Uber was launched, everyone thought it was a revolution in itself. As more and more people started accepting uber as their only way of transportation, it spread over the world and just dominated over everything else.

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People at that time just assumed that such an application can only be used for something such as a taxi. But that’s the shocker. No one else had ever thought of this as a solution that can be used for anything else. And yet, today there is not one service that can’t be based out of this format.

Whether it is an electrician or a plumber, a massage therapist or a doctor, no matter what kind of service it is that you are looking for you can just get it with a tap of your Smartphone. These on demand service solution work pretty much on a very simple module.

In fact it wouldn’t be very wrong to say that these on demand services are just like booking a taxi. You register on to the app, log in and mention your requirement. The app then matches you with whoever is the best match to your requirements.

Which are the most popular on demand solutions in the world today?

Food delivery on demand

Everyone loves to order food. They want to enjoy being lazy and sitting at home while some one quickly rushes home to bring their food.  There are many restaurants all over the world who don’t want to deliver the food themselves. They simply need for someone else to do it for them. Such on demand apps work wonders in this area.

On demand delivery

This is another fantastically popular on demand service. The holistic delivery service is something that caters to any kind of delivery. Whether it is an envelope that needs to be delivered, or a bag of cement. Just use your smart phone to request for the right vehicle and it’s done.

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On demand beauticians

Surprised? Well, another very trending on demand application is that of beauticians. These are very niche type of services. People prefer their beauticians to come and provide them the service that they are looking for right at their homes.

On demand Handyman services

Everyone needs some home services done at some point or the other. That is when they look out towards these services. So whether it is a creaking floorboard or a cracked wall, there is always the need for someone to come and render their services to you.

Wrapping it up

In conclusion it is quite evident that the future for on demand services is very bright. If anyone is looking for a bright business prospect, the best way to do it is to go for an on demand solution. It is a sure shot popular business solution because everyone these days has turned to app like Gojek in one way or another.

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