What Do You Know About OTG Flash Drives?

This review is dedicated to flash drives that may be directly connected. This may be made to a smartphone or tablet on the Android or iOS platform. We name them USB OTG flash drives or simply FD & we are sure such devices are useful for anyone.

What are OTG flash drives & how to use them?

More recently, such a storage device as a flash drive, or an FD with USB, couldn’t be used in a direct connection with a tablet or smartphone. So, when it was necessary to copy files on the gadget’s memory card, as an option, you had to remove it & then make a connection with your PC or laptop.

After writing files, disconnect & reconnect back. Also, it was possible to transport files directly from the PC to a portable device, for example, smartphone, using special programs. Although these operations are not very complicated & did not take much time, still, there was a certain inconvenience.

In addition, users of portable devices were limited in the ability to add new files, for example, somewhere on the road or in any other place where there was no access to a PC.

But when the OTG (On-The-Go) adapters came on the scene, the situation changed. Now it’s possible to enjoy your favorite movies as soon as you want to do it, as well as share data without several reconnections.

More about OTG FD

You may carry a few FDs or USB cards every time you go somewhere & connect them to the tablet as needed, which will let you not worry about the amount of free space on the main card of memory.

These devices have two connectors: one standard USB-typed connector & the other is the one based on micro USB technology or the Lightning. If you don’t need to carry a dozen FDs with you, then this one will be an excellent purchase.

It is only necessary that your device supported the OTG function. Then there will be no problems with connecting such FDs. Now it is more difficult to find a gadget that does not support this function, so you should not worry about it.

  1. Micro USB – created to connect to gadgets based on Android OS.
  2. Lightning – allows connection of an FD to Apple smartphones (iOS).

On the market, you may find models of OTG FDs from different manufacturers: well known such as Transcend, Kingston, SanDisk & no-name products. The selection criteria here are the same as in the choice of conventional FDs: someone needs quality, someone a small price.

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OTG FDs for Android

OTG FDs for mobile devices Android OS-based differ from the others in having a micro USB port in addition to the main USB connector.

First of all, make sure before you buy the FD that its port is suitable in all respects. This may be done if you look at the description of the model or its appearance.

Very often, such drives are designed so that the device that actually is a regular USB port acts as a case & the micro USB is closed with a cap. The market is full of various devices’ models.


The Taiwanese firm Kingston in the DTDUO3 series with a capacity from 16 to 64 GB offers a relatively good model. This is a very small drive – only 28 mm in length & 16 in width.

USB OTG Samsung FD

Another impressive model is a device from the Korean company Samsung, series DUO – OTG Samsung MUF. The case of this drive is waterproof & shockproof, made of metal. Its dimensions are very small – 20 mm in length & 16 mm in width.

According to the manufacturer, this model of the drive is resistant to X-rays & electromagnetic radiation, which will allow you to safely pass control at airports without fear of damaging it with various scanners. In addition to well-known brands, USB OTG FD is also produced by little-known companies, including Chinese ones, the cost of which is significantly lower.

For example, a model with a capacity of 32 GB may be found for as little as $5-6. If you want to order flash drives in a bulk then you can get freebies from usb logo company.

OTG FD for iOS

OTG drives for iOS also exist. Apple mobile devices work on their own basis with own interface for connecting any extra equipment. FDs have a special connector, which isn’t suitable for models from other companies.

To choose the right device, ensure that it supports this type of connection. It may be seen in the instructions of the FD’s characteristics located on the package.

Lightning-typed USB OTG FD exists on the market as well. Moreover, they can have any memory requirements & price amount.

JetDrive Go 500

This is a small-size FD, its length is only 36.5 mm & height is 14.3 mm. The USB connector acts as a model case. The Lightning connector is closed with a cap. The case is made of zinc alloy & looks very stylish.

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JetDrive Go 300

It has a metal case & the size of a regular FD. Its length is 56.5 mm & width is 20 mm. Two ports on both sides are protected by caps; you may find models of different colors of 32, 64 & 128 GB in size on sale. Moreover, the Lightning port of this model is also elongated, which will allow you to easily get connected to devices that are protected by covers.

For more comfortable working with these drives, there is an application on the App Store that is called JetDrive Go. If you install it on a mobile device, connect an FD to it, it will start & offer the user several options for operation.

With it, you may set a password to access the device directories or activate protection using fingerprint entry with the Touch ID technology. You will also have the possibility to back up files. Using the JetDrive Go app, you may save your photos & videos directly to external storage.

USB OTG FD is undoubtedly a very convenient & useful thing that mobile users will appreciate. You need to follow a few simple rules for its operation to extend the life of your little digital helper. In addition to USB OTG drives, you may find OTG adapters for memory cards, which may be useful for SD & microSD memory cards.

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