Ways to Stop Your Business Wasting Money

The best ways to save money as a small business can be tricky at the best of times, but if you find yourself trying to work out where money is continuously being wasted, then you are going to need to take a look at many avenues of your business to see how you can cut back.

Going Green Saves Green

Not only will going green help save the planet, but it will also help you to reduce your outgoings dramatically. No matter what kind of space you work in, the more energy efficient it is, the less the bills are going to be.

Small changes such as using compact fluorescent bulbs can save three-quarters of a lighting bill a year.

Let Someone Else do the Hard Work

A company like Utility Bidder can help find the best business utility deals as they do all the hard work for you when trying to compare services used in business such as water, gas, and electric.

Paying over the odds

If you haven’t checked your service costs against average market rates, then there is a good chance that you’re paying an increased price for your services.

This is because, even if you found an amazing deal 12 months previous, rates vary so regularly that there is a good chance that the agreement you snapped up has now become a lot more expensive or even extinct!

Entering your details into a comparison website can help you discover if you’re on track with your provider and if your deal is still current and saving you money. If not, the comparison website can then show you many other deals you can take advantage of.

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Hire the Less Experienced

This may not sound like the greatest idea, but it is more of a long game than it is a short winner; hiring people with little work experience is going to be cheaper as they require less salary as they know they are going to go into any job at entry level.

Not only does this save money but you also get to mold them into the employee you need them to be for your business meaning that long term they could be a better risk to reward than if you had employed a more senior person.

Change the office space

There are several ways you can reduce costs with office space. You can have your office at home, meaning that you work from a place you’re paying for anyway, so no extra costs, for example.

Additionally, look at short duration leases where you can rent an office for a short time as when the lease is up, you will be able to have a clearer idea of if you need, and want, something bigger and if so, the prices in that area may have reduced.

You could share an office space or ‘hotdesk.’ If you have a close business connection (preferably not one who is a direct competitor!), you can cut costs by renting an office with that business.

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The term ‘hotdesk’ means that you just have a laptop which you then use on a desk within an already established business, as and when you need it.

There are so many ways to stop wastage in a business; you just have to work out how the loss is happening and then employ strategies to make them stop.

It is paramount that you are always on top of in and outgoings of your business, so you have a plan in place to stop waste before it gets too much.

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