Virtual Difference – Virtual Offices is the Key to Expansion

Thailand has progressed significantly in the last four decades in both social and economic development. What was once considered to be a low-income country, Thailand has developed into an upper-middle economy since 2011.

Developments in public infrastructure, reforms to make doing business easier in Thailand and a growing economy have attracted a steady stream of businesses who want to set up in this welcoming and hospitable nation.

Virtual Offices

Bangkok is quickly gaining a reputation amongst startups and the entrepreneurial community in Southeast Asia and beyond. With a relatively low cost of living compared with nearby Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Hong Kong, the Thai capital is emerging as the go-to location for entrepreneurs in the ASEAN region.

Thailand’s tech scene is growing all the time and although it was overlooked before in favour of neighbours like Indonesia and Singapore, being located in the centre of the region, it’s now gaining traction and momentum.

It’s an exciting time for Thailand as the government is set on making Bangkok a hotspot for innovation in the region.

With so much going on in Thailand, it’s the perfect time to delve into this exciting market. With the use of virtual offices, you can quickly establish a presence in Bangkok during this exciting time of growth.

Grow Your Business from an Established Address

Entering the Bangkok business space through a virtual office provider makes the transition into the market easier than ever. With four high-profile locations in Bangkok, Servcorp virtual offices allow you to hit the ground running when expanding into Bangkok.

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Through your virtual office, you will gain a prestigious address in the most prolific area of the city, giving you instant credibility with local businesses, customers and investors.

This will be your business address in Bangkok and you can include it on all of your marketing materials, headed paper, business cards and website. This shows that you are serious about establishing a foothold in the market here.

Expand Into Bangkok With Minimal Expense

Relocating or expanding your operations to a new city can be an expensive feat. You have to find a suitable office space, deal with realtors, get the office set up, install the various utilities, decorate, buy office equipment; the list goes on. Unfortunately, for many business owners, these costs can act as a barrier to establishing their business in this vibrant city.

However, with a virtual office, you don’t have these same overheads. You will pay one monthly fee, which includes all of your utilities, and any additional services you agreed on in the beginning.

If you don’t want to commit to any additional services, that’s not a problem, as you can pay-as-you-go for these add-ons. Having the opportunity to be in control of your expenditure in this way, goes to show just how key virtual offices are to expanding into new markets.

Utilise Virtual Offices to Expand into the Thai Market

With a booming economy that is embracing innovation, creativity and has a strong culture of startups Bangkok is an obvious choice for anyone looking to expand into Asian markets.

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The low relatively low cost of living makes it a great place to bootstrap your Asian expansion and test the waters in what is an exciting marketplace.

Virtual offices allow you the opportunity to gain a foothold in Thailand, working from a prestigious address in the city that will work in your favour with local businesses.

And keeping your costs to a minimum and not having to deal with rigid, long-term contracts, means you will be free to concentrate on exploring this city, seeking out new opportunities and work on achieving your business goals within the booming Bangkok business scene.