Video Editing with Movavi

It’s likely that many of you have tried editing videos or creating slideshows for your friends and family. And there are numerous programs where you can do it. Today we’re going to tell you about Movavi Video Editor – a really handy and easy-to-use piece of video editing software.

Video Editing Software:  Movavi

video editing software

First of all, it is necessary to mention its completely intuitive interface. This means that learning how to use the program won’t be rocket science.

Every icon and every button has an explanatory caption, plus, at the very first launch you can read a short guide on how to use the program. If you still need help with any of the functions, you can look through the tutorials on Movavi’s website.

You can import video, audio and images from your computer, digitize VHS or use samples from the library. All the files uploaded to the editor will be placed on the timeline. Here you can cut videos into clips, put them in a different order and rotate. Use fades between separate fragments to make the video flow smoother.

video editing software

There is also a huge collection of static and animated titles and callouts that you can use to make an amazing intro or ending, or make an explanatory caption in the middle. To create a special atmosphere, try spruce up the video with filters  – vignettes, mosaic, retro, artistic and many others.

You would probably like the video fragments to be as flawless as it is possible. There are tools to enhance the video quality right in the editor so you can:

  • adjust colors by hand or apply automatic filters
  • reduce camera shake
  • get rid of black bars in videos shot vertically

Audio tracks can be edited as well:

  • normalize volume
  • remove background noises
  • adjust equalizer parameters
  • add audio effects

Automatic beat detection makes it easier to synchronize slides with music, while volume points will let you change the volume of the track the way you need.

video editing software

Special effects put in the right places will make your project really stand out and Movavi Video Editor has plenty of them:

  • highlight and conceal parts of the image
  • zoom in and out
  • create a panorama effect
  • change backgrounds using Chroma Key
  • change the speed of clips: make them 10 times slower or faster

Well, and finally, a couple of words about the export. You can work with standard, wide-screen and even 4K resolution projects. You can also choose any output format: MP4, AVI, MPEG, OGV, MOV, or MP3, WAV, FLAC, OGG and other formats – this means you can work with audio independently.

Plus, if you link your YouTube account to the program, you can upload the result straight to your channel with complete description, tags, and privacy settings.

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