Verizon Is Buying Yahoo In $5 Billion: And That’s Official

A few months back we have published a story about how the internet legend Yahoo is sinking with huge financial losses and the speculations of its possible acquisition by Verizon. Now, we have the official clue. Though the deal is still under the loop, there are confirm hints that Verizon has won the bidding for Yahoo. The company can make the deal official and may announce the details in a couple of days.

Verizon Is Buying YahooThe price of the purchase could be somewhere around $5 billion, although it does not include intellectual property.  Notably, Verizon had also acquired AOL last year for a whopping $4.4 billion.

With the latest Yahoo buyout, Verizon is looking to position itself as one of the top players in mobile advertising alongside Google parent Alphabet, and Facebook.

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Yahoo owns a number of web properties offering content and useful tools for mobile users. Verizon clinched the deal by beating out another bidder AT&T, a renowned wireless carrier.

After acquisition, Verizon will possibly see an increase of 200 million in the number of online visitors, along with more data which will allow it to make ads more relevant for individual consumers.

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