Using Twitch For Live Podcasting, Hers is the Right Way

Although the platform is most well-known for being a hub where the gaming community socializes and watches live streams of professional gamers in action, there’s far more on Twitch.

Many people use the platform as a way to host their podcasts, and here’s everything you need to know about podcasting on Twitch.

 Understand That You’re Actually Live Streaming

Before you start your podcasting journey on Twitch, you should know that your podcasts will be recorded and broadcast live – as in, nothing is pre-recorded.

This makes the podcast more realistic to the listener (or viewer). You can use Twitch’s built-in system to earn money from your podcast, and even use StreamOZ to buy Twitch viewers. This will help you direct more organic traffic towards your podcast and help popularize it.

 Nothing Will Be Automatically Recorded

Unlike other websites that are made for podcast hosting, Twitch will not save your podcasts for later viewing or listening. This means that your fans will need to tune in as you record or miss the episode entirely.

Of course, you can record everything on your own, and upload it on your personal website for fans to listen to later. However, keep in mind that podcasts on your website won’t likely generate as much revenue as viewer donations through Twitch.

 You Don’t Necessarily Need To Show On Camera

One of the main things that attract people to podcasting is that they can effectively hide behind a microphone, and there is no need to worry about stage fright. You may be thinking that because Twitch is a live streaming website, and that you need to film yourself for it.

However, many people have found success in only live streaming the audio portion of their podcast and just uploading an image in lieu of video.

The low-tech method of doing this is to actually have a camera recording, but keep it focused on a particular view where you aren’t included. In the end, you should do what feels comfortable to you.

 How To Earn Money On Twitch

Twitch users earn money in a variety of different ways. Twitch bits are the basic form of income, based on viewer donations. Some may offer special offers for higher donations. Of course, if you think you can successfully include it in your podcast, try affiliate marketing programs.

Once your live streams are popular enough, you may be approached by brands hoping to market their products on Twitch. The higher your Twitch viewer count, the more leverage you have to negotiate a better sponsorship deal from brands.

This is probably going to be the highest income generator for you, and it is the goal of most content creators on the internet. .

Unfortunately, you probably won’t be able to contact brands directly because sponsors usually seek out the content creators they want – it would be difficult to convince brands to sponsor someone they haven’t approached by themselves.

Twitch can be a lucrative website for podcasters as well as gamers. If you’re looking for a new platform to host your podcast, this may be the one for you.

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