Upcoming Windows 10 Update: Features to Look for

Microsoft is all set to offer a slew of major accessibility features updates to its Windows 10 platform.  A few of the features that company announced are already available to preview through the Insiders Program.

Upcoming Windows 10 Update

The noteworthy updates have been made to Windows 10 includes Ease of Access settings tweaks, grouping features by ability, introducing keyboard shortcuts and allowing users to navigate settings with Narrator. Some other features and abilities as well that may join the feature list include the option to “make everything bigger” or “make everything brighter.”

Another important improvement has been made to Narrator. Microsoft has considerably worked on the screen reader as it will now be more responsive and will navigate the web more effectively.  The reader will also be able to highlight bolded, italicized, underlined and capitalized text without having to use announcements like “start bold” and “end bold.”

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Instead of making announcement, Narrator will change its reading speed, pitch and/or volume to denote the text formatting. Narrator can even run in Safe Mode. In case users using it within Microsoft Edge, it will start describing actions like opening and closing tabs, adding favorites and page loading.

Moreover, Microsoft’s eye control features are also getting some improvements in the update.  Now the upcoming features will be coming with the ability to scroll, direct left and right click capabilities and the option to pause eye control so users can read or stream without accidentally clicking.

And lastly, the upgrade brings new abilities to the learning Tools in Microsoft Edge. The tool will get new features like the ability to break down complex words and identify parts of speech, and Microsoft will introduce text suggestions for hardware keyboard use.

Upcoming Windows 10 Update

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