Upcoming Google Pixel 5A Flagship: All that We Know

(Last Updated On: July 21, 2021)

If reports are to be believed we can see the mega launch of Google’s next flagship Google Pixel 5A in August this year. Tipsters guessed 18 May as the launch date but the speculation turned out to be a rumor. Pixel fans are still waiting for the day when the phone will come out of the closet.

Google Pixel 5A: Expected Launch Date & Rumors

Fans had a reason to speculate IO 2021 being the launch date of Pixel 5a since Google Pixel 3a launched at IO 2019. Google postponed the 2020 event due to pandemic. Therefore, we have strong feelings that the phone make to the fore in the coming months.

Furthermore, Google Pixel 5 was an affordable device in the segment. Thus, we think that Google Pixel 5a too will be launched at a budget-friendly price.


6.2-inch, Full HD+ OLED


Dual rear camera Likely the same as Pixel 5

Hardware and specs

At least 6GB RAM
At least 128GB storage
Processor unknown

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As we are just guessing the things, there are several rumors making rounds about the upcoming handset, its features, and expected price band., We can see 5a inheriting features from its predecessors Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 5.

Tipsters are suggesting that Google can announce and launch Pixel 5a in August this year. The speculation might be true since the company announced the flagship pixel 5 in August 2020. Google also threw a hint of the possible launch date by saying that the phone will be announced around when “last year’s a-series phone was introduced.

Google also confirmed the arrival of Pixel 5a 5G in the US and Japan but didn’t divulge the details.  When launched, Google Pixel 3a was priced at $399 and the Pixel 4a was launched at $349. The Google Pixel 5a will be going to be a 5G phone so we are not seeing any drop in its pricing.

Take all this information with a pinch of salt since these are just speculations. Wait for the official announcement from Google.

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