Unconditional Love : A Saga Untold

In a relationship, you go wrong the moment you let your partner know that you love him more than he loves you. The whole mindset of your partner changes as soon as he gets to know that your love for him has reached its peak and there is no turning back from there.  The feeling of being superior and or safe surrounds him/her with so much of potential that he starts looking at you very differently. The feeling is the alarm of the whole game of being-taken-for-granted.

But what is unconditional love then?
Loving someone unconditionally and giving him the total control of your life are two very different things. What happens with most of our dear friends is the fact that they take the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE philosophy in its abstract manner. Listening and accepting your lover’s all reasonable and unreasonable demands is what we easily understand and do in the name of unconditional love. Unfortunately, it is servitude. It is the fear of momentary unpleasantness in the relationship and insecurity that abets an individual to fall for all such demands. Unconditional love is the promise of accepting your partner’s weaknesses and standing by him even in his or her most terrible times. It is not giving you away at his disposal.

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How do I differentiate?
Well, it’s easy. Do a thing for your partner and see how you feel about it; whether you feel happy or tired or restless? If you really love your partner and have done something for him/her with your full heart then you will feel happy and contented after it. Otherwise, you will feel compelled, distressed and compromised. In the later situation, you are not really doing anything for your partner to make both of you happy; in fact, you are doing it only to keep your partner with you for a little longer.

Repercussions of not realizing it
If one keeps on with this then it may turn into turmoil one day. One fine day, you will be fill upto your throat and you would simply give up. You will not only start disliking your partner but will also start regretting your relationship. And this may end up in a real bad scene.

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On the other hand, your partner will also start seeing you as his own puppet and will lose the respect for you.So, beware of falling into the trap and take the I-would-do-anything-for-you situation a little more seriously.

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