Twitter To Test ‘Fave People’ Feature For Its Android App

If you happen to be a twitter geek and fed up of seeing your timeline bloated with hashtags and tweets that you don’t even want to see, twitter is planning to introduce a ‘Favorite people’ feature to comfort you. The feature will help you to see only those tweets that you align in your list. It means that the feature will allow you to put your favorite twitter accounts in a separate timeline.

You can say it a twitter list optimization that is meant to bring in a fine tuned list feature for the users. It was however recently in alpha version of twitter android app. Technology magazine Techcrunch said that the app shows ‘Fave people’ tab along with the existing tabs for Home, Discover and Activity. When users tap the star icon on the profiles of their favorite people, they can see their Tweets in this timeline.

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Although Twitter is looking forward to place ‘Fave people’ feature in beta version of app, it’s certainly unclear whether or not twitter will do it. The entire practice indicates that twitter is focusing on optimizing the list feature of this micro blogging giant.

Story: Twitter To Test ‘Fave People’ Feature For Its Android App

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