Twitter To Launch Twitter Commerce Soon. Now Shop With Twitter


Twitter, the microblogging giant that gives you powers to storm the social paradigm with 160 characters is all set to become an e-commerce point too. Yeah you are reading it right. Twitter To Launch Twitter Commerce. An unconfirmed news that a news site reports with a screenshot. The news site Re/code posted the news that says Twitter is rolling out a joint venture with e-commerce provider”

The site also posted a screen shot image to support the claim that later withdrawn from The screen shot contained an expression ‘Twitter Commerce’ when expanded shows a green “Buy with Fancy” button.

Buyers would then enter their payment and shipping information in the respective fields available on another screen. This all would happen without leaving the twitter app or website. The terms and conditions of the venture are still undisclosed. It’s still unclear whether is only website that comes in the joint venture or Twitter is considering other players as well. So far no official communication has been made from Twitter or

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