Twitter To Introduce ‘Who To Follow’ Feature For Android And iOs

Social network freaks are familiar with Facebook’s ‘people you may know’ feature that suggests them people with whom they could begin communication.

Now, Twitter, the microblogging legend is also introducing a similar feature ‘who to follow’ for iOs and Android users that links Twitter users to other users with whom they can initiate a contact.

The feature fetches recommendations for accounts to be followed on the basis of your history and uploaded contacts. As Twitter writes in its blog post, the feature may also bring promoted accounts in the list.

The feature was announced on Friday. It will be placed in the central timeline of the user but stay inline as you scroll. If Twitter recommends a user to follow who is dead, you may report it to the company support team. Just like ‘While you were away’ feature, you can close the entire thing by tapping the ‘X’ symbol.

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– Twitter To Introduce Who To Follow

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