Twitter Rolls Out Photo Tagging Feature : Tag Upto 10 People Per Image


It seems Twitter is all set to map the raging popularity of social network biggie Facebook by rolling out two photo centric features. These new features are an attempt to make Twitter more social. The way you do it in Facebook, you will have the option of tagging people in the images you tweet. You can tag up to 10 people in a single photo without losing your 140 character tweet limit. A notification will be sent to those people who are tagged in photos.

People however will have an option in Setting menu to select whether they want to be tagged or not in the images. Users can now share up to four photos in a single tweet. The limit earlier was just one. In a blog post, Twitter writes:

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“You can also share a series of photos that automatically create a collage. Just tap on a preview to get the full image and slide through the group.”

The feature is currently available for iPhones. Desktop and Android users will get the update soon. It means users on all these three platforms will be able to view tweets with multiple tweets. The update has come soon after Facebook revamped its news feed layout that throws more focus on photos. In past Facebook too copied two of the Twitter’s flagship features namely Hashtag and Trending Stories.

Story: Twitter Rolls Out Photo Tagging Feature

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