Twitter Rolls Out New Analytics Home Page And Promotion Feature


Twitter has given its analytics platform a new look to make business promotion easier on its platform. The homepage of Analytics has been changed. Now, the businesses will see a new dashboard through which they can have a holistic view of their tweet activity. The dashboard will be able to give the following insights:

  • How many times you’ve tweeted
  • How many people have seen your tweets, visited your profile, mentioned your username or followed your account
  • How many times people have shared your links
  • Your top Tweets and followers per month
Twitter Rolls Out New Analytics Home Page And Promotion Feature

Image credit: the next web

Almost a month ago, the company has added a quick promote feature that helped users to select their most popular tweets and pay to boost them directly from the analytics dashboard.

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Now, a new feature added is going to simplify the process even further. You can now access the Quick Promote feature right from your twitter profile.  The new analytics home page is now available to the advertisers while quick promote will be available in coming weeks.

– Twitter Rolls Out New Analytics Home Page

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